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Ping’s Workforce360 solution provides central authentication services to connect employees across any application, any directory and any situation. By providing authentication for everyone and everything, it can eliminate authentication silos. The result is a centrally managed authentication hub that provides a seamless, consistent experience for your workforce.


Increase Employee Productivity

Provide your workforce with single sign-on (SSO) access to all their applications via an employee dock. Reduce password problems and the volume of helpdesk calls with a consistent authentication experience across all app environments.


Enable Zero Trust Security

Deliver identity-centric security controls that limit password risk with multi-factor authentication (MFA) that can be deployed everywhere by leveraging an authentication authority. Adopt adaptive and contextual policies to assess risk in the background and reduce friction in the employee experience.


Keep Pace With Business Needs

Rapidly onboard apps and respond to other needs of the business with centralized management, self-service and delegated administration capabilities. Flexible enough to manage resources in any environment and deploy identity to the cloud of your choice.

Solution Features


  • Workforce authentication authority: centralized authentication services allow you to connect a user in any directory, accessing any app, hosted in any cloud, in any situation
  • SSO for employees, partners and more
  • Contextual and adaptive MFA policies
  • Centralized management portal with self-service APIs, templates and delegated administration capabilities
  • Single source of truth enabled by unlimited directory integrations and bi-directional data synchronization


Included Ping Products


  • PingFederate: Authentication and SSO
  • PingID: Cloud MFA
  • PingOne: Cloud SSO and Directory
  • PingCentral: Admin Operating Portal
  • PingDirectory:Identity and Profile Datastore

Capabilities and Benefits

Authentication Authority

  • Federated authentication and single sign-on
  • Unlimited integrations with any custom, on-premises, SaaS or cloud applications such as Zoom, Slack, ZScaler, SAP, Microsoft Active Directory and more
  • Native support for identity standards, including OAuth, OpenID Connect, SAML, SCIM, LDAP, RADIUS, HTTP, WSTrust, WS-Federation, FIDO and JSON Web Tokens (JWT)
  • Connections to all on-premises and cloud-based directories
  • Out-of-the-box integrations with legacy systems and extensive server integration kits


Consistent Employee Experiences

  • Customizable one-click access application portal
  • User self-service password resets and device management
  • Brandable user experience (mobile app, notifications, registration screens, etc.)
  • Identifier-first adapter for passwordless authentication


Strengthened Security Posture

  • MFA that integrates everywhere (MDMs, VPN/RADIUS, Ubuntu, AD/FS and apps of all types)
  • Adaptive authentication policies (location, IP address, geofencing)
  • Intelligent geo-velocity detection (impossible travel times) and IP reputation scoring for malicious activity
  • Role-based entitlements and web-based access abilities
  • Group and application-level access policies


Centralized Management

  • Authentication via administrator API
  • Centralized authentication and SSO operating portal and delegated app administration
  • Templates for business users to onboard their own applications to SSO/authentication
  • Visibility into lifecycle and promotion of all clients/connections
  • Management console that includes dashboards, performance, reporting and audit trails


Single Source of Truth Directory & Data Source

  • Unlimited directory integrations (AD, LDAP and more)
  • Unlimited custom user attributes and fields
  • Profile synchronization with custom attribute mapping
  • Extreme scalability with low latency (100M+ identities, 1B+ attributes)

Cloud Your Way

Deploy identity in the cloud of your choice for flexibility across diverse business goals.


On Premises:  Deploy as traditional software in your data center for ultimate control and unmatched reliability


Our Cloud: Use PingCloud, a no-maintenance, easy-tomanage, single-tenant IDaaS environment


Your Cloud: Deploy to the cloud of your choice (AWS, Google, Azure) and with cloud automation and orchestration, including Docker images, which are DevOps ready



Unlimited application integrations (legacy, SaaS, mobile, singlepage apps, APIs):

  • SaaS application catalog
  • SAML/OIDC connections
  • Agentless kits
  • Server kits
  • Language kits


Extend strong authentication across your security infrastructure with the following integrations:

  • MFA
  • VPNs
  • MDMs
  • Adaptive and contextual policies, including third-party risk scoring
  • Unlimited identity provider and datastore integrations (legacy and cloud)


Ecosystem integrations:

  • PAM
  • IGA
  • Zero Trust (endpoint, network, workload and data security vendors)

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