Identity and access management (IAM) is a valuable business driver for your enterprise. Enabling self-service through delegated administration allows resource-constrained IAM teams to do more with less, serving the business faster and delighting development teams by streamlining the processes of onboarding applications and the consumption of centralized identity services.


PingCentral™ is a software product that provides IAM administrators with a converged operating portal and orchestration engine for their entire Ping platform. PingCentral solves common tasks across the Ping Intelligent Identity™ platform with simple, self-service workflows and standardized templates that can be delegated to business users who don’t have IAM expertise.



  • Delegated Administration Portal: templates and workflow for business users to onboard and manage their own apps and certificates
  • Orchestration Engine: automation promotes configurations across environment tiers
  • Central Monitoring: a single screen for all clients/connections across environments
  • Lifecycle Management: visibility into who promoted what, when


  • OAuth 2.0 clients
  • OpenID Connect (OIDC) clients
  • SAML SP connections



Template Building

A user-friendly interface for IAM administrators to define and build a set of templates with labels, icons and configurations for common resource authentication types. 


Step-by-step Workflows

Business application admins use simple filters to select the appropriate authentication template. In the template workflow, a step-by-step wizard flows through a few screens, with minimal input necessary.


Instant Client ID and Secrets

Business application teams are provided instantly with the endpoints, IDs and secrets or metadata they need to plug into their apps and APIs to integrate with a centralized authentication service. The quick workflow enables speed and agility to perform application integration with no business delays. 


App Environment Management

Instances of Ping software across all environment tiers (e.g., dev, staging, prod) can be connected and managed within the PingCentral orchestration engine. This enables automated promotions among environments, maintaining configuration without rekeying information. 


Approval Steps

Business administrators promote their own clients and connections among environments. To minimize risk, IAM administrators can designate environments (e.g., production) that only administrators can promote to.


Lifecycle Management

Across its lifecycle, a single application will have many configuration changes, promotions and secrets or certificates. PingCentral provides a historical audit trail so you always know who has done what to a connection or client, and you can revert back if needed.


Delegated Users

PingCentral is SSO-enabled so that you can allow your internal users or partners to log into PingCentral with their role determined by an OIDC claim. In the portal, delegated business admins see only the apps they are responsible for.


  • Empower business and application teams to use self-service to protect their applications and APIs using single sign-on (SSO)

  • Provide visibility for administrators and app owners to manage applications across their entire deployment lifecycle

  • Lower the operational cost of common tasks including adding, updating and promoting connections and clients by removing Ping Admins from the critical path

  • Minimize risk of inconsistent or vulnerable policy by standardizing on best practice templates and removing manual error

  • Enable rapid transformation of a large number of applications or business units as part of a modernization effort


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