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For cloud-first enterprises that want to outsource identity and access management (IAM) operations, PingCloud is a global authentication authority with highly configurable capabilities hosted in a dedicated cloud environment with data and resource isolation. PingCloud allows enterprises to combine a cloud-first solution with additional options for customization and control to tackle any use case, including the challenges associated with hybrid IT.


Features & Benefits


  • Configurable, cloud-based authentication authority
  • Simplify IAM while minimizing costs
  • Respond rapidly to global business needs
  • Control data and security
  • Architected for enterprise hybrid IT



Configurable, Cloud-based Authentication Authority

PingCloud provides highly configurable authentication and directory services in a private cloud, helping IAM teams achieve cloud-first mandates. Included in PingCloud are the market-leading capabilities, features and extensibility of PingFederate and PingDirectory.


PingFederate, with its extensible single sign-on (SSO) and federation features, is the most capable authentication authority on the market. To find out everything that PingFederate does, download our PingFederate Datasheet.



PingDirectory is the most scalable, high-performing identity and profile data store on the market. To find out everything that PingDirectory does, download our PingDirectory Datasheet.



Simplify IAM While Minimizing Costs

Moving from on-premises data centers to the cloud can save you significant IT operational costs. PingCloud allows you to obtain cloud cost savings without compromising support for challenging enterprise use cases, and also to automate the operation of your IAM solution. Further empower your IT staff to focus on higher value add activities, with the convenience of centralized configuration via self-service and concierge support.


Respond Rapidly to Global Business Needs

PingCloud supports multiple geographic regions across the globe. Accelerate the speed and improve the ease with which your enterprise responds to global demands for IAM services with cloud-automated deployments, which reduce the complexities typically associated with adhering to geographical requirements. Configure and scale deployments to meet performance and operational goals for development, test or production as needed, with regional configuration options to help you comply with geographic or regulatory constraints.


Control Data and Security

PingCloud allows you to deploy individual tenants for separate and secure data stores. You maintain the ability to manage and delete data as needed. Options are available to deploy environments for different regions to support data sovereignty and other regulatory requirements. For security, PingCloud provides multiple options for securing your private tenant and connecting to on-premises resources, with options for bi-directionally syncing data.


Architected for Enterprise Hybrid IT

When it comes to hybrid IT, other solutions require you to install separate agents or proxies. This further translates into operational-intensive updates and management. PingCloud allows you to connect directly to a broad range of apps and infrastructure using Ping’s market-leading adaptors, connectors, integration kits and comprehensive standards support. The result: You reach every corner of your hybrid IT or multi-cloud environment without needing to install, update and manage separate on-premises proxies and agents.


Security at Ping Identity

For the latest information on security at Ping, please read this message from our CISO.