Forrester’s Overview of Customer IAM Solutions

Analyst Report: Forrester’s Overview of Customer IAM Solutions

Balance seamless digital customer experiences and security with CIAM

According to Forrester, poor customer experience often comes from poor customer identity and access management (CIAM) experiences. Legacy IAM systems simply can't meet CIAM requirements, and building a system in-house poses so many challenges. Forrester's advice is to "dump home-grown approaches." Yet, customer experience is now THE competitive differentiator in the marketplace. How can organizations find the right CIAM solution that’ll ensure positive customer interactions across all channels and apps?


This report provides an overview of the developing CIAM market segment, and it offers recommendations for implementing a solution that’ll help you consistently deliver brand-building customer experiences.


Download this report to learn how CIAM:

  • Is an essential ingredient for digital customer experience.

  • Balances customer experience with security.

  • Provides a unified view of the customer.

  • Offers answers to customers' privacy concerns.

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Forrester’s Overview of Customer IAM Solutions