Your Apps, Your Users, Your Directory


Centralized user management in the cloud

You have different types of users – employees, customers and partners. Some use your applications everyday; some use them once a year.  Why add another user (and license) to your existing Microsoft Active Directory, especially if they are only going to be logging in on an occasional basis. With PingOne, you deliver single sign-on (SSO) to all of your applications with centralized user management based entirely in the cloud—removing the hassles of managing the hardware, infrastructure and account management for these users. 

Manage your users easily and with more control

Users stored in the PingOne directory have flexible user attributes modeled on the System for Cross-domain Identity Management (SCIM). By leveraging SCIM, the directory enables easy user migration to PingOne, and easier integration with applications that support SCIM for user provisioning. Additionally, users can be assigned to groups for easier administration and to control access to applications.


Other PingOne user-management features include:

  • Full user-lifecycle reporting.
  • Enforceable complex password policies.
  • Customizable attribute schema.

Deliver the applications they need

Your users need access to applications. PingOne directory supports the SCIM standard for provisioning and de-provisioning applications for users.  In addition to the thousands of applications supported by PingOne, the PingOne directory supports provisioning to many popular SaaS applications including:

Spread the workload

The PingOne directory supports user entitlements—allowing you to set up groups of administrators inside of PingOne. With these entitlements, you can allow users to administer other users to share the administrative load.  

Onboard users rapidly

Providing users with access to applications is key, but additionally creating their individual accounts is something you shouldn’t need to take on. With PingOne, users can create their own accounts, either through a self-registration process or by an invitation to register from an administrator. This gives you the control of determining how your users register and provides them with the convenience of getting access to apps quickly and on their time.

A directory for your apps

Are you building mobile apps or providing portals for customers and partners to access your applications? The PingOne directory allows you to easily integrate your mobile application or portal via a set of RESTful APIs for user registration, authentication and profile updates. With the PingOne directory, you can control your brand experience while managing users in the cloud.