Protect customer data.
Maximize its value.

Data is only as valuable as your ability to protect it

PingDataGovernance enables enterprises to govern, control, and secure access to customer profiles and identity and preference data, so that it can be fully leveraged inside your organization and by external partners. This provides the foundation for identity-centric customer engagement across channels and devices so you can drive increased revenue and customer loyalty. PingDataGovernance helps you:

  • Efficiently capture and manage customer profiles.

  • Manage and enforce customer preferences and privacy directives.

  • Enable customer self-service management features.

  • Centralize data access governance control and delegate account management.

  • Use developer-friendly REST APIs and pre-built assets to speed time to market.

Respect your customers’ privacy and consent

Privacy regulations and the use of customer data continue to grow in scope and complexity. Customers increasingly expect transparency in how their personal data will be used. PingDataGoverenance allows enterprises to adhere to geographic, industry and corporate privacy regulations with centralized policy control. It can capture customer consent to share personal data, and it includes detailed logs for auditing purposes. PingDataGovernenance manages privacy by:

  • Capturing customer data-sharing consent and enabling customers to self-manage their preferences on an attribute-by-attribute basis.

  • Managing data-sharing choices across multiple parties from a single interface.

  • Enforcing customizable, centralized governance policies reflecting a broad range of regulatory constraints.

  • Providing pre-built data sharing consent UIs and associated REST APIs.

Use policy to govern data access

PingDataGoverenance allows you to maintain centralized control and have insight over the internal applications, external partners and APIs that have access to your customer data. Organizations can centrally define policies to govern data access which is enforced in a high-speed policy engine designed to support real-time interactions and large-scale customer use cases. PingDataGoverenance includes REST APIs for reading and writing data attributes and objects, along with SDKs for extensions and customization. You can:

  • Maintain attribute-by-attribute data governance control over your internal and external data consumers and their entitlements.
  • Simplify application logic by centralizing policy access to customer data.
  • Create customizable, declarative policies reflecting a broad range of data-sharing restrictions that can rapidly be added, removed or modified.
  • Leverage out-of-the-box policy examples and templates.

Simplify everything from registration to profile management

PingDataGovernance includes pre-built, customizable and reusable registration and self-service account management UI assets and associated REST APIs. Collecting customer registration and profile information is easy and saves valuable application developer time so that they don’t have to recreate functionality for each project. PingDataGovernance also embeds industry best practices to balance customer usability and convenience with security and fraud detection. Our self-service features include:

  • Registration, account validation and CAPTCHA
  • Customizable password policies
  • Password reset and username recovery
  • Profile, preferences and privacy management
  • Data sharing consent management

Delegate account administration

PingDataGovernance enables delegated access to customer accounts for trusted parties such as customer service representatives. One or more trusted parties can serve as another channel that customers can use to interact with their unified customer profile. Access rights to customer account data can be restricted at the attribute level, and data can be obfuscated to show partial results, such as the last four digits of a social security number or credit card. PingDataGovernenance allows you to:

  • Quickly search and locate customer accounts.
  • Delegate rights to create, read, update and delete account attributes.
  • View obfuscated customer account data for knowledge-based authentication purposes while protecting customer privacy.

Drive personalization with customer preference management

PingDataGovernance enables customers to manage their opt-in/opt-out communications, permissions, choices and preferences. You can use this explicit preference data to drive personalized customer experiences while leveraging it consistently across channels and devices as attributes of the customer’s identity profile. Our preference management features allow you to:

  • Store a wide range of preferences as structured or unstructured data.
  • Securely manage preferences containing sensitive personal information.
  • Use customizable preference management templates and UIs.
  • Access preferences from any app or device through REST APIs.