Onboard and offboard users with ease

provisioning and deprovisioning solutions

The ability to add or remove application access for users has both productivity and security impacts on your organization. Ping Identity helps you:

  • Enable rapid provisioning and deprovisioning of users.
  • Centralize control over user management and provisioning.
  • Integrate with identity protocols and popular user directories from Microsoft, IBM, Oracle and CA.
  • Easily implement automated user provisioning and deprovisioning with out-of-the-box support for standards-based provisioning (SCIM) and for proprietary provisioning protocols to many popular SaaS applications.
Provisioning and Deprovisioning
provisioning and deprovisioning solutions

Giving external users SSO access to your applications improves their experience. Ping Identity gives you inbound user provisioning and deprovisioning options that don’t force you to carry the burden of managing external identities.

  • Just-in-time user provisioning and account updates based on inbound claims
  • SCIM support for full CRUD operations on your user directory
  • Integration with any user repository
CRUD Provisioning Capabilities

Ping Identity provides full support for the SCIM standard, giving you “create, read, update, delete” (CRUD) provisioning capabilities for your users. You also get support for custom APIs and SCIM-to-API bridging so you have the operational capabilities you need, no matter the target.

  • Full support for SCIM provisioning and deprovisioning
  • Provisioning connectors for proprietary SaaS applications
  • Integration flexibility through our SCIM-to-API gateway