Secure access for the next frontier:
mobile apps and APIs

With the increase in native mobile applications and APIs, developers need to rethink how they secure them. Ping Identity lets businesses deliver unrestricted, easy access from any device, while ensuring the same or higher security of the desktop world. Whether personal or corporate, tablet or smartphone, mobile web or native app, Ping Identity secures your employee, customer and partner mobile identities.

  • Deliver a secure SSO experience for your mobile applications.
  • Support your developers with key mobile identity standards like OAuth and OpenID Connect.
  • Deploy identity and access control without refactoring your back-end applications.

As APIs take your applications beyond the firewall, you need a way to handle identity without custom integrations or extensive administration. Ping Identity gives you a single point of access and control for all of your APIs so you can centralize management and give your connecting partners a secure, standards-based architecture.

  • REST and SOAP-based architectures with OAuth, OpenID Connect, and WS-Trust support.
  • Out-of-the-box token translators to facilitate integration with existing applications.
  • A complete and documented SDK to support any custom needs.
  • Centralized web and API access management control with PingAccess.

Mobile App SSO allows you to provide single sign-on to your mobile applications seamlessly and without requiring additional user interaction. Tightly integrated with the PingOne mobile application and based on the evolving NAPPS profile of OpenID Connect, Mobile App SSO uses the OAuth capabilities in PingOne or PingFederate to enable secure authentication for your native mobile applications without affecting the user experience.

Ping Identity integrate with vendors such as Splunk and HP ArcSight to provide you with comprehensive usage data across devices and applications. This enables a complete, centralized audit for compliance and governance.