User management has never been easier

Manage your users on your terms

With Ping Identity, you have the flexibility to store and manage your users in your existing directory, such as Active Directory, or store them in our cloud-based directory. You don’t have to synchronize your complete directory or passwords, so you can manage all of your users—employees, customers and partners—however is best for your organization.



Five Reasons for Federated Single Sign-On

Move your users to the cloud

cloud directory service

Our cloud directory allows you to store and manage users without any additional hardware or software. Featuring customizable user attributes, self-registration and a unified administrative console, our identity-as-a-service (IDaaS) offering removes the burden and overhead of storing external users in an on-premises directory.


Or keep them on-premises

Cloud User Management

We can easily work with your existing investments to provide one-click access to your applications. Our lightweight Active Directory agent allows you to integrate with your corporate directory simply and easily, while our full-featured federation server, PingFederate, provides support for other LDAP and database servers as well as additional use cases like third-party multi-factor authentication solutions. We also provide modern REST APIs that increase the flexibility of user authentication, provisioning and secure single sign-on.

Securely deliver applications to customers and partners

flexible directory storage

Your employees aren’t the only ones accessing your applications today. What about your customers and partners? Whether it’s used by itself or as a supplement to your existing user stores, our cloud directory is ideal for users who only occasionally access your applications. You can keep partners and customers separate from your internal resources, which reduces the cost to manage those users in your existing directories.