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Real-time Intelligence for API Security

Almost daily, new APIs with highly diverse sets of clients are introduced onto enterprise networks. Existing security solutions that use access control policies are a good foundation for securing APIs. But as recent news has shown, they’re not enough. To protect against these advanced attacks, API security strategies need to leverage the latest technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, to gain complete visibility into API traffic to detect and block threats. And as APIs continue to drive digital transformation efforts and support innovative customer experiences in the enterprise, securing them has never been more important.


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Prioritize API Security, Inside and Out

The number of internal and external-facing APIs has exploded over the past decade, with organizations adopting API-first development approaches to accelerate internal processes, streamline partner relationships and acquire customers with innovative, API-driven services.


API security often starts with API gateways and web application firewalls (WAF) to provide foundational capabilities like access control and OWASP Top 10 protection. But neither tool has the ability to gain deep traffic knowledge that can help organizations differentiate between good and bad activity on APIs, such as cyberattacks and misuse by partners and employees.

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Deep Visibility into API Activity

Defending against today’s vulnerabilities requires deep visibility into all API activity to allow organizations to determine good from bad traffic on each API. Organizations can use in-depth knowledge of API activity gained from artificial intelligence and machine learning to distinguish normal versus anomalous traffic behavior for every API deployed across all gateways, clouds and application servers. Not only does this allow organizations to quickly detect and block threats, but it makes it easy to generate compliance reports, conduct forensic investigations and analyze usage trends.

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Filling Common Gaps in API Security

API management tools provide an important set of security features to protect your APIs. These often include authentication and rate limiting, which ensure resources are securely accessible by internal groups, partners, customers and third-party developers. But these practices are often deficient in stopping attacks that circumvent traditional security practices and are built specifically to breach APIs to gain access to sensitive data. Intelligence helps detect and stop the most common API threats not covered by foundational API security tools.


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Prevent Reverse API Engineering.

Prevent Misuse and Abuse.

Detecting the most recent API breaches has taken months or years because hackers were able to hide by creating activity that appeared to come from a valid account. Some of these breaches were executed by hackers using a valid account to reverse engineer an API with the intent to find vulnerabilities to gain access to the systems and data connected to the API. Once a vulnerability was found, a hacker could abuse access to the API and misuse the data behind it. You need a solution that can quickly discover and block valid accounts exhibiting abnormal behavior, which shortens the time these costly breaches go undetected.


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Strengthen Your API Security

To secure your APIs today, you can’t rely solely on traditional security tools. API management systems reject invalid sign-on attempts, but they can’t adequately stop clients from continuously trying new combinations. Hackers can steal API keys or tokens used for client authentication through man-in-the-middle attacks, and then present the valid credentials—even though they’re stolen—to gain access to API services. Organizations must be able to recognize the difference between good and bad traffic to ensure that each API is being accessed and used properly. 


You can strengthen your API security with PingIntelligence for APIs. Paired with your foundational security tools, you’ll gain insight into your API traffic including who’s using your APIs and how, and you’ll discover APIs that are hidden or forgotten. Using artificial intelligence, PingIntelligence for APIs learns what is normal behavior of each API to help an organization automatically detect and block threats that could lead to costly breaches.

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