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Secure your G Suite users with our single sign-on integration

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Keep Your Suite Secure

From small companies to the Fortune 500, millions of businesses choose G Suite for real-time collaboration among dispersed teams and partners. With G Suite you can connect with your colleagues wherever they are, create everything you need to take projects from ideation to completion, access files instantly from the cloud, and control users, devices and data securely and easily. To further strengthen security of your important business data, G Suite integrates with PingFederate and PingOne for Enterprise, our standards-based services for federated single sign-on (SSO) and user provisioning.

Seamless SSO & Provisioning for G Suite


Boost Productivity

Get more work done and reduce helpdesk tickets by enabling secure one-click access to G Suite.


Improve Security

Eliminate poor password practices that can lead to data breaches by adding SSO to G Suite.


Deploy Rapidly

Make deployment fast and easy with our out-of-the-box G Suite integration.

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