9:00 am
Keynote | How Business is Changing with Identity at its Core

The digital enterprise runs on innovation and trust. Leaders in industry strive to balance user experience, security and trust. New regulations require open access to data, but only with strict privacy and consent driven by modern identity. Come hear Andre and Patrick talk about how business is changing with identity at its core. Find out some of the new trends in identity that make IAM more relevant than ever.

Andre Durand
CEO, Ping Identity
Patrick Harding
CTO, Ping Identity
10:15 am
The IoT Needs You

Many security failings of IoT to date can be attributed to a lack of IAM. The IAM profession holds the key to a safe, secure and sustainable future with IAMoT. This session will step through the IoT technology stack from chip-to-cloud and highlight where identity professionals should play an essential role in IoT initiatives.

Robert Brown
IoT Strategy Consultant
How to Accelerate Your Migration to a Modern Directory

Siloed legacy directory solutions require disparate hardware infrastructure, software licensing and management efforts. Learn best practices to accelerate migration to a modern directory solution, the PingDirectory, and hear about how one enterprise plans to resolve technology and business hurdles through consolidation.

Tim Skinner
Manager, Cyber Security Technology, BCBS Tennessee
Dan Ricke
Cyber Security Solutions Architect, BCBS Tennessee
How to Extend SSO from Azure AD to On-premises Apps

Discover how to extend SSO from Azure AD to on-premises applications using PingAccess for Azure AD. Today's mobile workforce demands tools for productivity and access to cloud applications. PingAccess extends that access to the on-premises world. In this hands-on session, you will learn how to achieve all of this by 1) defining applications in Azure AD, 2) configuring the app proxy for SSO to header based applications, and 3) configuring PingAccess as the OIDC provider.

Nasos Kladakis
Global Product Manager, Microsoft
Mark Bostley
Senior Technical Product Manager, Ping Identity
11:00 am
PingFederate Roadmap Deep Dive

Ping's product management team will share what you can expect in PingFederate 9.0. Learn what's being considered for 2018 and join us for an opportunity to provide feedback on our strategic direction. 

Eric Fazendin
Senior Product Manager, Ping Identity
Stepping Up to Adaptive Authentication

Learn how to leverage Ping's adaptive authentication polices to support a wide range of enterprise use cases. This session includes product tutorials and examples of adaptive authentication policy controls available across PingFed and PingID.

Adam Gipson
Identity and Access Management Engineer, Monsanto
Dustin Maxey
Director of Product Marketing, Ping Identity
The All-new PingID SDK: How to Embed MFA into Your Mobile App

This session will allow you to get a close look at the all new PingID SDK for the customer use case. You'll hear about new features and get to see a live demo of what it looks like from the user side as well as the administrator side.

Chris Collier
Technical Product Marketing Manager, Ping Identity
11:45 am

Lunch is included and will be served on-site. 

1:00 pm
Keynote | Big Data and the Perfectibility of Humanity

We are now on the doorstep of a fourth time in history that technology will profoundly and permanently change humanity.  Byron will explore how artificial intelligence, robotics, and identity are changing the workplace, society, and the world of tomorrow. 

Byron Reese
Author, Inventor, and Entrepreneur
1:35 pm
Best of Both Worlds: Enterprise IAM Managed for You in the Cloud

As enterprises move business applications and infrastructure to the cloud, they quickly run into barriers that limit their ability to make the move quickly and efficiently. Lack of skills, poor fit of legacy solutions and limited budget makes the move seem overwhelming. Join us for a session on Accenture’s MSP offering using the Ping platform - where you’ll learn how you can deploy a Ping solution quickly and efficiently with positive results.

Viresh Garg
Managing Director, Digital Identity Practice, Accenture
Automating Identity for Developer Self-Service

Netflix has over 400 custom engineering applications and that number is growing rapidly. As a result, the identity team was being bombarded with daily requests to change or add new connections to these applications. The Netflix Identity team set out to automate the entire process for engineers to onboard and maintain applications. In this session, Netflix will discuss the process, challenges, and key aspects of their solution to automate their identity services for engineering.

Tejas Dharamshi
Senior Security Engineer, Netflix
Will Rose
Senior Systems Engineer, Netflix
Transforming IAM—While Flying the Plane

HP has been through at least 5 major acquisitions, mergers, and splits over the past 5 years. As you might expect, this has had a huge impact on their identity and access management infrastructure including directories, authentication credentials, partner access, and more. In this session, Peter Huang, an identity expert from HP Enterprise, will share how HP has transformed their IAM systems, along with lessons learned along the way.

Peter Huang
Identity Access Management Architect, Hewlett-Packard Enterprise
2:05 pm
Keys to Customer IAM Success

In this session we will discuss the key differences between CIAM and enteprise IAM projects, critical differences in product/solution requirements, and lessons learned and best practices to ensure the success of your CIAM initative.

Dustin Maxey
Director of Product Marketing, Ping Identity
Keep Customer Consent and Regulatory Compliance in Check

Regulations around customer data privacy and electronic communication increasingly require capture and management of customer choice (opt-in/opt-out) for compliance. An important example is GDPR, but many other regulations exist across industries and geographies. Learn how the Ping Identify Platform can help manage customer consent, enforce data access governance, achieve regulatory compliance and improve customer engagement.

Matt Klassen
Director of Product Marketing, Ping Identity
Achieving Passwordless Mobile SSO

Review Ping's integration with key mobile device management (MDM) vendors, deployment options for mobile SSO to on-prem apps, and a customer cases study featuring Applied Materials.

Monil Naicker
Director of IAM, Applied Materials
2:50 pm BREAK
3:15 pm
Rev Up the Modernization of Your Legacy WAM

Legacy web access management solutions were designed to protect web apps hosted in enterprise data centers, and they do that job well. But as your business becomes more mobile, apps migrate to the cloud, and APIs connect it all, this architecture just can’t keep up. Join us to learn about the journey of migrating from a legacy web access management solution to modern access security provided by PingAccess.

Rob Davis
Director, Digital Identity Services, TIAA
Improve Your Security in Three Effective Ways

Using the Ping Identity Platform provides both enterprise and user security and experience benefits, but many enterprises could get more from the Ping Identity Platform when it comes to security. 1. Make Ping your authentication authority 2. Add contextual MFA with PingID 3. Protect your apps and APIs with centralized access policy.

Patrick Abreo
Business Information Security Manager, PayPal
Matt Klassen
Director of Product Marketing, Ping Identity
Automate and Simplify PingAccess Deployment to AWS

Control access to your hybrid IT environment with Ping Access in AWS: performance tuning, scaling tips in AWS and enabling automation and developer self service.

Mark Bostley
Senior Technical Product Manager, Ping Identity
4:00 pm
Ping Identity Platform Roadmap

Ping's product leadership team will share our strategic direction and gather your feedback on our product offerings. 

Steve Shoaff
Chief Product Officer, Ping Identity
4:30 pm
Identity Thought Leaders Panel

Brian Bell
CMO, Ping Identity
5:15 pm

After a day of learning, connect with your peers during cocktail hour, and get to know the Ping team and our partners. Beer, wine, and hors d'oeuvres will be served.