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PingDirectory provides performance at scale for 180 million customers.


Team of 7 migrated 270 database instances with zero downtime and support issues.


Multiple business units leverage unified customer data leads to increase customer personalization.


TCO is significantly reduced thanks to 75% database size reduction.

Leading US telco personalizes

180MM customer experiences



This leading U.S. telecommunications company is one of the largest communication technology companies in the world and ranks in the top 25 on the Fortune 500. It connects millions of people, companies and communities with its technology.

The company stores and manages sensitive data for its hundreds of millions of customers, and utilizes that information across its business units to offer more personalized customer communication and interaction. The company was paying Oracle every three years an upgrade fee on their directory technology, on top of additional maintenance fees. The Associate Director of IT wanted to eliminate the need for multiple vendors for a single-purpose technology. He sought a solution that would drive cost savings and lessen dependency on an aging vendor.





The company needed to be able to support all of its 180 million customers who interact with its database systems for authentication and authorization across all lines of business. The directory solution it chose to invest in needed to continue evolving with the company’s technological direction. Lastly, the migration had to be completed without any downtime or negative impact on the customer experience.



The Associate Director of IT advocated for the migration to PingDirectory to house the massive amounts of user data, including authentication and authorization data. The fast, scalable directory allows the company to expose its hundreds of millions of customer profiles and their billions of attributes.

Citing Ping Identity’s superior technology, performance and support, the Associate Director of IT said, “The service between the two companies is night and day. With Oracle, it was three days of sending them information and then never talking to engineering—with Ping, we’re sitting side by side with engineering in our location.” Ping’s partnership with AWS also provided the organization’s leadership team with the confidence to move forward.

The team of seven successfully migrated 271 database instances and 15 applications—20 terabytes of data that equaled 9.1 billion total records. The Associate Director of IT said, “We stood up one of the largest projects that we’ve done in the history of database migrations at this company within a 5-month time frame.”



By migrating off of Oracle, the telco eliminated the yearly maintenance burden and saw immediate cost gains. Over the duration of the 5-month project, zero support tickets were opened, and both internal and external customers experienced no downtime. As a result, the company saw a 300% improvement in response time, 200% performance gains and a 60% reduction in CPU processing, resulting in a 3x scalability factor. A 75% reduction in database size meant three years of storage growth gained for free.

PingDirectory helped the company break down siloed architectures and present non-relational data in a single location for everyone to utilize and see. “Our new capabilities promote out-of-the-box thinking and new architectural design,” said the Associate Director of IT. “Ping’s technology allows us to have more direct communication and personalized interaction with our customer—without having to go through all of these development teams and major silos to get there.”

It’s also allowed the team to support marketing in enabling business initiatives. "This technology is one of the first that we’ve been able to leverage to work directly with marketing. It’s a direct contributor to revenue generation.”


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