Ping Identity Announces Updates to Expedite Adoption of Multi Factor Auth

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Ping Identity Announces Updates to Expedite Adoption of Multi Factor Auth

PingID SDK Embeds MFA into Branded Mobile Apps for Improved Customer Experience and Security; PingID Solution Accelerator Speeds Up Deployment of Enterprise-Wide Employee MFA


Chicago — June 19,2017

At the Cloud Identity Summit (CIS), the premier industry event focused on identity, Ping Identity®, the Identity Security Company, today announced two enhancements to its multi-factor authentication (MFA) solution, PingID, designed to facilitate fast and easy adoption across customers and workforces. PingID SDK and Ping Solution Accelerators are both designed to help the modern enterprise boost efficiency and rapid deployments without sacrificing the most important benefit: security.
According to The State of Digital Transformation study, 90 percent of IT decision makers credit identity and access management (IAM) as a key enabler of digital transformation and a critical component of their organization's success in digital transformation. However, there’s still a challenge in adoption, largely attributed to the the perceived friction that MFA can introduce to the user experience. The same study revealed that 53 percent of organizations have deployed MFA for their employees and 40 percent of organizations use MFA for customer use cases. Ping developed the PingID SDK and Ping Solution Accelerators to make it as easy as possible to authenticate and secure identities using MFA in these use case scenarios.
About PingID SDK: Multi-factor Authentication for Customers
Balancing security and convenience can be delicate for many brands. MFA has become increasingly important as digital businesses engage in more valuable, sensitive transactions across devices. Many MFA approaches force customers to go outside of the enterprise’s primary application, providing a disjointed customer experience, or use less secure second factors like SMS, to authenticate or approve high-value transactions.
The new PingID SDK enables developers of mobile apps on iOS or Android to include advanced MFA functionality that is on-brand and customizable within their mobile applications. This allows organizations to preserve their brand experience rather than force customers to download a separate MFA application.
With the PingID SDK, companies can:


  • deliver secure and convenient out-of-band web authentication
  • register and self-manage a network of trusted devices
  • approve transactions from trusted devices


 A full demonstration of PingID SDK is available during CIS, at the Ping booth.
“Our customers are rolling out mobile applications to millions, if not 100s of millions, of consumers,” said Steve Shoaff, chief product officer, Ping Identity. “We can't expect consumers to initiate or maintain secure behavior if it's inconvenient. The only way our customers can ensure security, is if we make it effortless and invisible. This is smart identity.”
About Ping Solution Accelerators: For Rapid, Enterprise-wide Deployments
Ping Solution Accelerators are packaged technology and services engagements intended to deliver rapid implementations with zero downtime. The new Solution Accelerator expedites MFA deployment and encourages widespread adoption of PingID within a workforce. Solution Accelerators are intended both for enterprises newly deploying Ping technology or for enterprises looking to improve adoption of their existing Ping investments.
This Solution Accelerator allows companies to partner with Ping to:


  • Develop a comprehensive internal communications and rollout plan
  • Leverage templates to raise awareness and drive adoption of PingID
  • Implement best practices for end users, support teams and administrators
  • Have Ping conduct a remote health check following the engagement and discuss progress and provide additional recommendations


“Implementing MFA across large organizations can be challenging from an adoption perspective because options frequently include adding an additional step for login,” said Bart Hammond, VP Customer Success, Ping Identity. “Our relationship with our customers extends beyond closing a sale. It’s our duty to help our customers over the adoption hurdle in any way possible. We’ve designed Solution Accelerators to implement the best practices we’ve developed over the past 15 years to better partner with our customers during deployment, and improve their immediate ROI. ”
The Solution Accelerator for PingID is available today. The Ping SDK will be generally available in July 2017.
About Ping Identity | The Identity Security Company
Ping Identity envisions a digital world powered by identity. As the identity security company, we simplify how the world’s largest organizations prevent security breaches, increase employee and partner productivity and provide personalized customer experiences. Enterprises choose Ping for our identity expertise, open standards leadership, partnership with companies like Microsoft, Amazon and Google, and collaboration with customers like Boeing, Cisco, Disney, GE, Kraft Foods, Walgreens and over half of the Fortune 100. The Ping Identity Platform allows enterprises and their users to securely access cloud, mobile and on-premises applications while managing identity and profile data at scale. Architects and developers have flexible options to enhance and extend their existing applications and environments with multi-factor authentication, single sign-on, access management, directory and data governance capabilities. Visit




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