Cloud Identity Summit Announces Record Breaking Attendance at 2017 Unveils Identiverse

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Cloud Identity Summit Announces Record Breaking Attendance at 2017 Unveils Identiverse

Chicago — June 27, 2017

Cloud Identity Summit (CIS), the world’s premier identity conference, today announced highlights of the 2017 event and plans for the next iteration of Cloud Identity Summit, to be called “Identiverse” 2018 in Boston. More than 1,500 attendees shared their perspectives on rapidly evolving trends and best practices around topics – such as intelligent identity, the Internet of Things, standards adoption and mobility – that catalyzed this watershed moment for the identity industry.


“We’re defining a new era of security through our collective efforts and focus on the future of identity,” said Andre Durand, CIS host and Ping Identity CEO and founder. "The modern enterprise manages data reaching far beyond the walls of its office buildings. Mobility, IoT and cloud, combined with rising customer expectations and regulations related to privacy and user experience, are driving the evolution of intelligent digital identity. CIS is evolving in lockstep with the industry, expanding beyond cloud to include everything identity-related. Starting in 2018, CIS will be known as Identiverse; reflecting the growing breadth and influence of our industry and community of Identity professionals."


Below are a few of the key themes that sparked lively discussions and debates during CIS 2017:


  • The importance of standards, interoperability and collaboration across the industry
  • The critical role that identity plays as a foundation for better user experience and better security — enabling businesses to provide more impactful and valuable services to their customers
  • The novel risks and opportunities presented by the emergence of the internet of things — and how identity is foundational to safely realizing these opportunities 
  • The need for education about identity at all levels — from boards and CEOs through to individual consumers — and the need for more trained professionals to build this rapidly growing identity infrastructure.  


CIS featured more than 150 notable sessions and speakers, with keynote presentations from some of the world’s most influential software and cloud companies and other widely-recognized thought leaders from companies such as Aetna, Capital One, Comcast and GE.


CIS 2017 Keynote Speakers and Presentations

Videos of the keynote sessions are coming soon to YouTube and Slideshare:


  • Valerie Plame, author and former CIA Operations Officer: "In Intelligence We Trust?"
  • Andre Durand, CEO of Ping Identity: "Thinking Big: Smarter Identity for a Smarter World"
  • Irving Wladawsky-Berger, digital strategy expert, and cybersecurity professor Steven Weber: "On Matters of Identity and Security"
  • Eric Maass, director, Cloud IAM Strategy, IBM: “A Futurist’s View of the Cognitive Enterprise”
  • Patrick Harding, CTO, Ping Identity: “Evolving the Identity Stack”
  • Richard Bird, executive director, office of the CISO, Optiv Security: “Security in a Volatile Landscape”
  • Ian Glazer, senior director for identity, Salesforce: “The Next Step for Identity Professionals: De-weaponizing Identity Systems”
  • Alex Simons, partner director of program management, identity division, Microsoft: “Open Standards: The key to a world of secure clouds & secure devices!”

CIS 2017 included over 40 sponsoring companies that are driving innovation in the field, including Ping Identity, Optiv, Google, Microsoft, IBM, Amazon Web Services, KPMG, Accenture Security, Capgemini, Salesforce, VMware and RSA.


Announcing Identiverse 2018 in Boston

The 2018 event is renamed Identiverse. As the size of the conference has grown over the years, the breadth of content shared at the event and the importance of community throughout the year has grown. The new name better reflects the growing diversity of ideas and networks within the industry. Identiverse 2018 will take place June 24-27, in Boston, Massachusetts. Join us for Identiverse 2018 by registering at Participants can take advantage of $500 early bird pricing until July 4, 2017.


CIS 2017 Twitter Highlights


  • @steve_lockstep: "CIS is the Identerati's Burning Man" - Anon., #cloudIDsummit
  • @jonibrennan: Thank you @CloudIDSummit @andrewhindle for having @mydiacc out to speak. So many connections made at the 2017 #CloudIDsummit - great show!
  • @mmachulak: I was hoping for a good sleep during my flight from Chicago but my head is full of ideas after the #CloudIDSummit. What a great conference!
  • @bmkatz: If you do anything in #IDAM and aren't attending the #CloudIdSummit you're nuts...great stuff going on there, make sure you attend next year
  • @identitymonk: What a band, identity expert the day, musicians by night kudos ! #cloudidsummit - 
  • @lpeterman: Tough leaving Chicago this early AM after such an amazing @CloudIDSummit Good to be back home, though, and looking forward to @Identiverse
  • @serverbaba: Thank you for an EPIC #CloudIDSummit. Totally loved it. I can't wait for @Identiverse! 

About Identiverse

People, applications and devices are gravitating toward a digital world where they all recognize and interact with each other. This digital world is being built on a foundation of identity security designed by a community of people with a shared vision, from technologists and practitioners to thought leaders and end users. This is the Identiverse. It lives and breathes every day. And once a year it really shines. It summons the brightest minds in identity and security to gather and share the tools, technology and best practices that are built for today and the future. The Identiverse positions enterprises to realize the full potential of a digital economy—one where identity unlocks uncompromising digital experiences that are secure and seamless for everyone. For more information, go to


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