Thank You for the Customer Feedback!

Thank You for the Customer Feedback!

January 16, 2020
Nicole Alrubaiy
Director of Customer Success

To all our customers—we want to say a big thank you! We believe that delivering successful identity services can’t happen without a strong relationship with our customers, and your direct feedback is a vital piece of that partnership. It’s one of the reasons why we are so appreciative of everyone who took the time recently to participate in our annual customer survey. 


We are honored and grateful that 787 people took part in the Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey, giving us feedback and telling us directly what we can improve. When you take the time to respond, you are giving us clear direction on where to invest and where to change course. It’s good for our customers—and it’s good for Ping.


We’re happy to announce that our score this year is 61. That’s considered excellent and the mark of a company that is customer centric. The Net Promoter Score is an indication of a customer’s likelihood to recommend a company. The score can range from -100 (where all respondents would not recommend) to +100 (where all respondents would recommend).  


A typical benchmark for software companies is in the +28 range, according to marketing firm Hubspot, but it isn’t uncommon to see results in the negative numbers. And according to the NPS survey company Delighted, a score of +61 places us in the top percentile of software companies, alongside high performers such as Adobe, Microsoft and Google.


But more important than the actual number is the fact that we read every comment. In many cases, we jumped on the phone with customers to dive deeper and better understand their comments. We share that feedback with each department within our company so our teams know where to focus their efforts to make your lives better.


Our Top Three Customer Experience Improvements

Included in these survey responses are text responses on what we're doing well and where we can improve. You gave feedback on everything from the sales process, your implementation experience, the sense of partnership you have with Ping, ways we can improve the products, and comments on our website and documentation. This is invaluable to us in our pursuit of creating extraordinary customer experiences.


You’ve told us we’re on the right track with positive comments about our products and services. We learned that you value our focus on offering helpful support, promoting high-quality relationships throughout our company, and upholding the core functionalities, stability and flexibility of our products. Here are a few examples you mentioned:


"My experience with Ping Identity products and services has been second to none. The product/cloud service portfolio is stable, feature rich and supported by a well thought-out strategic road map. Sales and support have both been very customer focused with a genuine desire to truly help."  

—Justin Burgod, Solution Architect—Identity & Access Management, Delta Air Lines, Inc.


"Ping Identity is very responsive to the needs of our organization and are always working to improve their product line (and the support provided)."

—Carlton Hopson, Security Engineer—Identity & Access Management, Information Security, Delta Air Lines, Inc


"(Ping is) constantly adding new and/or enhanced features. (They're) laser focused on delivering the best product possible."

—Jim Parlette, IAM Architect


"The capabilities (Ping Identity's) products offer are rare in the market and I see great things coming in the future roadmap. The expertise their field/implementation team brings to the table is unique." 

—Arpit Singh, Principal Technical Support Engineer


"I find Ping (products) to be very stable, robust and modular, with tons of features that make life easy for consumers."

—Satish Kumar, Consultant, Solution Architecture


You’ve also shared your suggestions for ways we can better serve you. In the past two years, our customers have asked us for three notable improvements:


  1. Make our services available in the cloud.
  2. Ease potential burdens of administering our software.
  3. Better enable customers to administer our products.


We have made several enhancements in direct response to that feedback. We placed huge investment in our cloud products, officially launching PingOne for Customers and PingCloud. We re-launched our Support Community, where you can go to get quick answers on technical challenges. And we launched PingCentral, the first of our tools to take the administrative burden of identity off the IAM team, enabling them to move more quickly. PingCentral allows the IAM team to scale and accelerate application onboarding by empowering the business application owners to self-service onboard with approved IAM patterns. Going forward, we are looking at ways to further these improvements. Stay tuned for exciting 2020 announcements regarding enhanced cloud services and even better cloud deployment options.


We’re thrilled that as a whole you would recommend Ping to other groups in your company and peers in your industry, based on your experiences with our intelligent identity solutions and our technical support team. We’re grateful that these recommendations help propel our business forward, and we plan to continue to invest to bring more value to our customers. 


To all of our customers, we would love to hear more. We have a customer advocate community, where you can share feedback and connect with other customers on Pingtopia. Interested in joining? Reach out to our customer advocacy team.