What the Olympics Can Teach Us about Winning at IAM

February 22, 2018
Andre Durand
CEO & Founder

I'm no Olympian, but I appreciate the focus, commitment and straight-up hard work it takes to become the best in the world.

While I've been known to be a bit of an adrenaline junkie, over the years, I've pivoted my focus towards business rather than the backcountry. I still love a good physical challenge, but I'm more interested in exploring the upper limits of what a company can accomplish than what can be achieved as a solo competitor.

While many Olympic sports focus on the individual, no individual achieves the podium alone. It takes a team. A team that moves in lock step with singular focus towards the same goal.

At Ping Identity, our focus is on helping enterprises succeed in their identity security and user experience initiatives. We measure our success not by our own efforts, but by our customers' achievements.

And I'm proud to share that our customers are achieving some pretty incredible results.


Enterprise IAM for the Win

Take NextCapital, for example. This innovative financial firm partners with financial advisors and institutions to enable scalable financial planning, advice and managed accounts. Using PingFederate and PingAccess, NextCapital has streamlined partner access through single sign-on (SSO) while improving security with our access management solutions. These capabilities create a bridge between partner websites and the NextCapital platform to deliver a seamless user experience.


To ensure security, NextCapital added PingID as an additional layer of protection through mobile multi-factor authentication (MFA). Backed by secure login practices, NextCapital isn't only in compliance with SEC regulations, they're also able to provide the scalability and security they and their partners require. According to Sebastiaan Gybels, NextCapital's VP of Information Security, "Risks and threats are always evolving. Ping simplifies the authentication experience for our end users, while innovating to provide the security we need."


Applied Materials is yet another example. This global leader in materials engineering has enhanced employee productivity and customer experience by delivering cutting edge mobile SSO. They're using the standards-based Ping Identity Platform to ease integration of and manage access to SaaS and in-house applications for all of their diverse users.


This type of hybrid environment is the norm for many of today's enterprises, and it just happens to be Ping's sweet spot. Said simply and in the words of Monil Naicker, Director of Identity, Security and Access Management, Applied Materials is "using Ping to give the right people the right access."

Bringing Home Cybersecurity Gold

Seeing our customers succeed is what fuels our momentum. In addition to celebrating their successes, we're proud to have received--for the second year in a row--the Gold Award for Identity Management in the 2018 Cybersecurity Excellence Awards.


Receiving this recognition two years in a row is a huge honor. But what really makes this award meaningful is the validation it provides that putting our customers' success first truly does ensure our own. There's no way we'd be the best at what we do if it weren't for the opportunities that our customers give us every day to help them win.


Speaking on behalf of the entire Ping team, we couldn't be prouder to bring home the gold for our customers.


Want to read more about how Ping customers are winning in digital transformation? Visit http://www.pingidentity.com/customerstories.