Leading German Automotive Corporation Advances Digital Transformation Strategy

February 12, 2018
Teresa Wu
Customer Marketing Manager

With a large global network of employees, partners and customers, automotive corporation Daimler AG requires a modern identity and access management solution to support its digital transformation.


The leading multinational automotive corporation has cemented its position as an industry leader by focusing its efforts on technology and innovation. As the company continues to advance its digitization initiatives and launch Internet of Things (IoT) driven integrations, technology from Ping Identity will help ensure the safety and seamless experience of online user identities through its access management and single sign-on (SSO) technology.


SSO for Seamless Partner and Customer Experience

The leading and standards-based PingFederate and PingAccess technology will provide the organization's employees, partners and customers with secure and seamless interaction and access to an array of applications. Additionally, Ping Identity serves as the infrastructure that enables customers to authenticate to both their vehicles and accompanying service offerings.


Ping recognizes that security and the user experience are core tenets of any enterprise's path to digital transformation. With PingFederate, users can securely access all the applications they need with a single authentication from any device. PingAccess centrally manages authorization capabilities and secures applications and APIs in any domain, for users in any location. Ping's fully-featured capabilities, ease of integration and continued innovation make it well-positioned to manage this vehicle manufacturers tens of millions of identities.