Identity Innovators: Modern Mobile Security Takes Flight at Alaska Airlines

Identity Innovators: Modern Mobile Security Takes Flight at Alaska Airlines

April 6, 2016

In the airline industry, carriers are always looking for ways to improve speed, reliability and safety in their daily operations--all while keeping costs low. Alaska Airlines has those same goals in mind for their IT infrastructure, and they're finding success with a modern cloud-first, mobile-only model.


The airline's industry-leading approach prefers SaaS, IaaS, or PaaS options for business applications over hosting software on premises, and all applications must support mobile use. This significantly reduces costs, but also makes IT operations much more efficient and responsive to business needs. You could say they want their employees to have the same freedom as their traveling customers. This approach also improves customers service by allowing workers to get out from behind their desks, check-in counters and gate podiums to help customers using apps on tablets and mobile devices.


The initiative also means that data will be traveling outside of the airline's security perimeter, making identity and access management critical to the model's success. Traditional IAM systems are just not designed to secure apps outside the corporate firewall, and Alaska Airlines needed a solution that could provide secure access for their 11,000+ employees, all while handling the security demands for applications in the cloud.


In this short video, senior solutions architect Matt Rutherford describes how Alaska Airlines is embracing the cloud and managing identity in a cloud-first world.