Allegiant Travel Company Soars High with Secure Single Sign-on

January 3, 2018
Teresa Wu
Customer Marketing Manager

For any organization that hires contractors, securing access to company resources can be particularly challenging. Allegiant Travel Company knows this firsthand. Their 11,000-strong workforce is made up of a majority of contractors, all of whom must have fast, reliable and secure access to the systems required to operate the airline.


But how could Allegiant enable such access in a user-friendly way, allowing each person to get to the resources needed to do their jobs, quickly and efficiently?


Allegiant discovered the answer lay in Ping Identity's single sign-on (SSO) solution. Employees and contractors now use Ping to access a dozen or so different cloud-based applications with a single username and password via a variety of devices, including mobile tablets. "The implementation of single sign on with PingFederate was not just an initial win, it's been an ongoing win," says Chris Gullett, Director of Information Assurance at Allegiant Travel Company. The ease of implementation and excellent customer support has enabled Allegiant to bring on more and more services over the last several years, and as a result, simplify the user experience across the enterprise.


Watch this short video to learn more.