Security + Customer Experience: Can You Really Do Both Well?

May 16, 2017

I love to shop. But the way I shop has changed.


No longer do my purchases involve a quick trip to the local store. Before I buy nowadays, I want to research the best price. I want to read reviews from others who've already bought. Of course, I expect free shipping and free returns.


I also expect to make my purchase with just a few clicks on any device, wherever and whenever I feel like it. And I expect to do so with the confidence that my personal information is secure.


This is how today's consumers expect to do business. And these same consumers are your customers.


They want seamless and secure access to more digital properties, but they also want to do less to get there. They want more mobility with less hassle. They want more security, but less time spent signing on.


There's been a fundamental shift in best practices over the last decade to accommodate these new preferences and multi-screen behaviors. Providing customers with a secure cohesive multi-channel experience is now the rule, not the exception. Rarely, do companies get a second chance when the customer experience is poor or if customer data gets compromised.


When it comes to identity and access management (IAM), there's a fundamental difference between your customers and your employees. Unlike employees within your enterprise, your customers have a choice. They can switch to a competitor with just a few clicks or taps, and they won't hesitate to do so, particularly if they're fearful their information is not secure.


Many legacy identity and access management systems haven't seen significant updates in years and don't have the sophisticated security and data encryption capabilities available today.  Plus, these systems are designed to manage thousands of employees, but not millions of customers.


Customer IAM solutions help business and security leaders provide the perfect balance between usability and security wherever they engage with businesses. The right solution gives customers the experience they desire, as well as the security they demand. And it delivers consistent ways to authenticate users across channels, store unprecedented volumes of identity and profile data, and show a unified profile to all applications to consistently personalize customer experiences and drive engagement.


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