Customer IAM as Seen Through the Eyes of KuppingerCole

Customer IAM as Seen Through the Eyes of KuppingerCole

March 30, 2017
Dustin Maxey
Director of Product Marketing

The fact that customer experience is the new competitive battleground is no longer news. Building engaging customer experiences is becoming an important digital business initiative for enterprises all over the world. However, the architecture that supports these experiences must be scalable and secure, and it must ensure compliance with privacy regulations. These requirements are driven by a number of factors including increased competition from brands that are building engaging customer experiences, diverse privacy regulations across industries and geographies and a growing number of security breaches.


The Rise of Customer IAM

As a result, customer identity and access management (CIAM) is quickly picking up steam. This customer-focused IAM solution has evolved over the last several years to enable enterprises to build secure, scalable customer experiences through specialized capabilities that go beyond those offered in traditional IAM solutions. In their latest whitepaper, KuppingerCole discusses how enterprises can leverage Ping's comprehensive CIAM capabilities to meet their digital business initiatives and drive secure, engaging multi-channel customer experiences.


According to KuppingerCole, Ping's CIAM solutions allow enterprises to:


  • Provide self-registration for customers.
  • Provide options for bulk import of customer identities from existing systems.
  • Give users consent mechanisms to control the use of their data.
  • Enable single sign-on (SSO) across all digital properties.
  • Present multiple authentication options for customers.
  • Manage unified customer profiles.
  • Facilitate fine-grained access control to resources and data.
  • Can be deployed on-premises, in the cloud or both.
  • Scale to support millions of consumers and peak usage scenarios, ensuring performance and availability SLAs are met.


Implementing these capabilities is often an effort that involves sales and marketing as well as IT stakeholders. Whether the driver for CIAM in your enterprise is scalability and security from the IT side of the house, or customer engagement from marketing and lines of business, it's important to understand the value that a CIAM solution can provide to both business functions.


CIAM According to Kuppinger Cole

"IT teams should welcome the opportunity to work with sales and marketing to transform IT into a revenue-producing service." -KuppingerCole


In this whitepaper, KuppingerCole discusses how to leverage Ping's CIAM capabilities to meet cross-functional business requirements and challenges through a robust, scalable and future-embracing solution set.


Whether you're interested in the Ping Identity Platform or would just like to learn more about driving customer engagement with CIAM, this KuppingerCole report provides strategic insight that your enterprise can leverage.