Coming Soon: Azure Active Directory Premium Public Preview Starts Friday March 24

March 22, 2017
Edward Killeen
Partner Marketing Manager

For Azure AD customers who ever hesitated to step into an all-cloud world without a clear path to their on-premises apps--the path has been cleared. On Friday March 24, Microsoft will unveil the public preview of Azure Active Directory Premium that includes the integration with PingAccess for Azure AD. Azure Active Directory Premium customers are now able to select PingAccess on the Azure AD control panel to enable seamless and secure one-click access to all applications, whether on-premises or in the cloud, for all users on all devices--without the need for a VPN.


As enterprise users have become more mobile, they are increasingly authenticating through Azure Active Directory, allowing them to get their jobs done from anywhere. These mobile users are expected to be productive and therefore anticipate instant access to all of the applications they need for their jobs. Microsoft's Azure Active Directory, in combination with PingAccess, gives this instant access from anywhere on any device to any application.


  • Azure AD connects users to thousands of cloud applications with one identity.
  • Azure AD application proxy connects securely to on-premises applications that can leverage Kerberos authentication.
  • PingAccess for Azure AD connects users to even more on-premises web applications.


PingAccess extends Azure AD's single sign-on to the thousands of mission critical legacy applications that live on premises or in private clouds. Users can gain access to those legacy apps with the same single sign-on (SSO) simplicity as any cloud application--without the need for VPN. Here are some highlights of the integration:


  • When requesting access, the Microsoft App Proxy redirects to PingAccess.
  • PingAccess sends users to Azure AD for authentication as necessary.
  • PingAccess converts Azure AD authentication tokens to HTTP header attributes.
  • The web application uses the header attributes to grant user access.


If you are an Active Directory Premium customer, PingAccess will be available as an application proxy option to connect to on premises web applications. You will be directed to a registration page to download and install PingAccess for Azure AD.


In addition, PingFederate can be used to extend the reach of Azure AD even further with web access management (WAM) integrations, integration kits to over 80 enterprise environments, and world-class federation services.


General Availability for Azure AD premium is expected before the end of June 2017. To learn more about Ping's partnership with Microsoft and how Ping is taking Azure AD to a whole new level for SSO, check out our Azure AD white paper.