TIAA Identifies the ‘How’ of Security

November 14, 2016
Teresa Wu
Customer Marketing Manager

When talking to a security professional in the financial industry, it's easy to talk circles around WHY security is so important to them. But when we spoke with Rob Davis, Director of Security Services at TIAA, he focused more on the HOW of security instead. Beyond stating the obvious that security is a must-have at TIAA, he said, "Identity is really the foundational core of how we get to security. You need to identify who you're protecting and who you're protecting against, or preventing."


We couldn't agree more.


And Rob takes it a step further by talking about the need for businesses to get away from using "identity" information that's available to the public--bits of information that are easy for bad actors to find and use to get what they want. Instead, he proposes using passive identity information like behaviors, devices and locations to build more intelligent identity profiles of users. Not only does this boost security, but it also improves customer experience. Such a security-usability balance used to only be the thing of dreams.


To hear Rob's perspective on identity in security, watch the video.