Hashgraph is in Constellation Stars

November 7, 2016
Teresa Wu
Customer Marketing Manager

When we recently spoke with Steve Wilson, Digital Safety and Privacy Leader at Constellation Research, one comment of his stuck out in particular. When talking about single sign-on (SSO), he said "Getting in is easy...getting out is tricky."


It was a comment he landed on when discussing the rise of blockchain technology. The recent assumption was that blockchain would make sense to apply distributed consensus to things like identity. But with something as personal and relationship-focused as identity trying to cooperate with a technology that's as anti-authoritarian as blockchain, "there's an obvious mismatch" as Steve put it.


But the conversations continue around the concept of distributed consensus. Which, in a nutshell, would allow for a safe and effective means of single logout (SLO) whenever an SSO session is compromised. And that's where hashgraph entered the interview. This purpose-built technology solves the distributed consensus problem, and it's much better suited to handle identity. Hear what Steve has to say by watching the video.