A Giant Evolutionary Step in Customer IAM

November 2, 2016

Today marks a milestone achievement for those of us who have been working to meet the growing need for customer identity and access management (CIAM). Recognizing that customer-facing digital business is driving new identity management requirements, we've been on a mission to develop a solution that enables the best possible identity data security without compromising seamless customer experiences.


Thanks to the recent acquisition of UnboundID, we've enhanced the Ping Identity Platform with new customer identity management capabilities. The result is the industry's most comprehensive CIAM platform that's purpose-built to accelerate digital business initiatives.


As enterprises move forward with digital business strategies to increase their competitive stature in an increasingly connected marketplace, securing identity data and managing access to information and systems is critical. In fact, industry analysts like Forrester and Gartner have recently pointed to identity management as a key enabler of digital transformation. Done right, CIAM can improve customer experiences, securely manage identities and collect preference and profile data to drive personalized interactions. This is the true currency of today's digital customer engagement.


If you compare managing workforce and partner identities, managing customer identities presents a unique set of requirements, including extreme scale, uncompromising security, fine-grained data governance and the ability to unify data across multiple channels. The Ping Identity Platform is designed to specifically address these demands and to provide a foundation to meet future requirements as digital business continues to evolve with an ever-growing number of innovative devices and channels.


The platform offers unprecedented scale, currently with more than 3 billion identities under management. It also provides versatility with wide-ranging API and protocol support, as well as a commitment to open standards. It can be deployed on-premises and in the cloud. Plus, it delivers fine-grained data governance capabilities that ensure regulatory compliance, even with global customer bases that are subject to varying regional data management legislation.


To learn more about the product enhancements and what they mean for our customers, read today's announcement. Being able to bring this comprehensive solution to the market is a significant leap forward in enabling our customers to make great strides in their digital transformations. It also advances the entire IAM industry at a time when CIAM is becoming a powerful element in shaping the digital landscape.