Four Reasons Ping is a Leader in Modern IAM, According to KuppingerCole

May 19, 2016

By now, we can all agree that firewalls and passwords just don't cut it anymore. In today's hyperconnected and extended enterprise, everyone is an insider--not just employees. Now, identity and access management must also cover business partners, suppliers and customers who need access. If it doesn't, your business can't move forward.


At Ping, we believe that identity is the new "perimeter" when it comes to not only protecting your cloud and on-premises applications and data, but granting secure access to a larger and increasingly diverse group of users. We call it Identity Defined Security. It's our core focus, and we believe it's the present and future of secure access management.


KuppingerCole agrees. In its most recent Leadership Compass report, the analyst firm stated that web access management and identity federation are "inseparable" in the modern enterprise. These "key technologies" create an architecture that supports evolving needs and enables business agility. The report provides an overview and analysis of the leading solution providers and products.


KuppingerCole assessed providers in four areas of leadership: product, innovation, market and overall. Their analysis focused on solutions that best meet customer requirements, and the resulting shortlist of providers should be at the top of decision makers' consideration.


The verdict? Ping was recognized as a top provider across the board. In KuppingerCole's expert opinion, these are the four reasons why you should consider Ping for web access management and identity federation:


1. Product Leadership


Based on features and overall capabilities, Ping's solution was recognized as an overall product leader. It received positive and strong positive marks across all five analysis areas:


  • Security
  • Functionality
  • Integration
  • Interoperability
  • Usability


Because Ping was recognized early as a leader and continues to lead innovation in this area, KuppingerCole even went so far as to say the PingFederate(R) server is "a must in shortlists for identity federation."


2. Innovation Leadership


As a recognized innovation leader, Ping is driving innovation by delivering continuous and rapid product improvements and meeting emerging customer requirements that are most needed in the marketplace. Ping is noted for offering broad standards support and native mobile strong authentication. And Ping's unique mix of on-premises, cloud and hybrid deployments was noted as being particularly valuable to enterprises that might want to start on premises then gradually move to the cloud.


"Due to the specific role as one of the Innovation Leaders and overall leading edge solution for Identity Federation, we see PingFederate as a must in shortlists for Identity Federation."


--KuppingerCole, Leadership Compass: Access Management & Federation


3. Market Leadership


From KuppingerCole's perspective, market leadership comes only to those who offer global scale in their own company and through their partners, as well as those who demonstrate an ability to execute on large projects. Ping's recognition as a market leader speaks to the work we do with integration partners around the world as part of the Identity Defined Security Alliance. And it echoes what we hear from our 1,500 global customers who trust us with their enterprise security and brand reputations.


4. Overall Leadership


According to the report, overall leadership takes a holistic view of all of the previously mentioned categories, identifying the best of the best in the market segment. Again, Ping was recognized as a leader among its peers in the web access management and identity federation space.


Receiving this kind of recognition is an honor. But it's also a continued challenge, and you can be sure we won't be resting on our laurels anytime soon. Continued innovation is in our blood. Delivery of solutions that meet enterprise requirements and lead the industry on a global scale is simply what we do. But being recognized for doing it really well is pretty cool, too.


Read the full KuppingerCole Access Management and Federation Leadership Compass report here.