You may have heard the chatter, @CloudIDSummit announced the annual CIS Tweet Jam scheduled for Thursday April 14th at 3pm ET. It'll cover the R/evolution of Security--how the worlds of digital identity and security are coming together to provide secure, convenient and cost-effective services across multiple channels. The lively dialogue will also act as a preview to upcoming sessions at Cloud Identity Summit (CIS) on June 6-9 in New Orleans, LA. For more insight, see the featured questions below.

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The #CISNOLA Tweet Jam will once again be moderated by Elinor Mills (@elinormills), and we welcome both CIS attendees and interested participants alike to join the session. The discussion will primarily revolve around these questions:

  1. Is security about keeping people out and identity about letting people in?
  2. What do you think is the most important identity trend today?
  3. Are you seeing widespread use of MFA? If so, where and why?
  4. With the Apple and FBI controversy in mind, what questions arise in regards to identity and security? How will this affect trust, technology and policy for vendors?
  5. Blockchain: Is it overhyped or is it a key solution for identity in the future? If it's a key solution, how so?
  6. What new standards or technologies are you most excited about for the next two years? How about five years?

Don't be surprised if a question gets skipped due to time constraints. Other questions might also pop up as part of the conversation!

To access the discussion, please follow #CISNOLA on Twitter during the allotted discussion time. For more information, participation guidelines and general background information, check out the previous blog post.

We anticipate a lively and informative chat and hope you will be able to jump in on the fun!


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