How are customers engaging with your brand? How customers get to their destination is no longer a linear path as they engage via different screens along their journey. According to Google, 90% of consumers use multiple screens in the same day - fluidly shifting between smartphone, tablet, laptop and television. And all the while expecting and trusting their data is secure with each channel hop. This new model of consumer behavior is driving "omnichannel" projects - a new perspective on delivering the optimum brand experience to your customers, partners and stakeholders by integrating every channel, rather than parsing them out in a dozen disconnected platforms.

This fundamental shift to deliver a unified experience has implications on, and must be supported by, many underlying business technologies, which includes marketing, CRM and supply chain. But what many of us don't think about is the impact that changing customer behaviors, journeys and touch points have on technologies typically thought of as IT's domain - specifically security-related technologies like identity and access management (IAM).  

In this infographic, we explore:

  • How consumer behavior has changed.

  • The resulting shift in customer expectations.

  • How this impacts critical business technologies.

  • What role security plays in delivering the experience customers crave without sacrificing the security they need.


To learn more, check out this report from Forrester Research which outlines how knowing your customers and utilizing that knowledge can make your interactions with them much more effective. 


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