If you're like most business or IT employees, you have a wish list of solutions that would make life so much easier -- if only someone would come up with them already! What often keeps us going here at Ping Identity is delivering such a solution -- one that solves a big picture, tangible problem.

As such, we're happy to showcase our latest product, PingAccess.

PingAccess is an identity gateway that addresses the headaches that IT and enterprise architects have recently developed over web access management (WAM) when used for mobile and application program interfaces (APIs) across multiple use cases and devices. Common problems with traditional WAM technologies are that they are:

  • Proprietary and expensive.
  • Single domain or only for the web.
  • Expensive to maintain due to the upgrade process.

PingAccess is a next-gen identity gateway that meets you where you're at and gives you the flexibility to grow and adopt the latest technologies on your time. It offers relief from the problems listed above by providing and supporting:

  • Open standards.
  • A small footprint.
  • Lightweight, easy to deploy.
  • Web, API and mobile integration.
  • Federated domains.

Working as an out-of-the-box complement to PingFederate®, one of our identity bridge solutions, PingAccess manages user, application, and device access consistently and extends SSO inside and outside the enterprise. It can be used to track activity for complete visibility, grant privileges and enforce policies.

For more information about PingAccess, read this blog post on PingAccess and access control by our CEO, Andre Durand and our brief on solutions for web and API access management.



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