Federation is all about connections, or as Cisco calls it: networking.

From that foundation we are strengthening our relationship with Cisco by developing the Ping Identity Cloud Connector, which puts federated identity into the Cisco networking fabric.

Federation is traditionally done in software, but the Cisco Integrated Services Router Generation 2 (ISR G2) is an API enabled router appliance pre-loaded with Ping Federate.  By combining the ISR G2 compute platform with Ping Federate, Cisco and Ping Identity have provided a streamlined identity management platform that is designed to easily drop into existing infrastructure to centralize cloud access control and management.

This collaboration with Cisco moves federation right into the mainstream of cloud architectures. It is a manifestation of what we have been repeating for some time now - Identity is the new security perimeter. Companies like Cisco get it. (Read Cisco's take on the appliance and partnership.)

Cisco introduced the appliance at Cisco Live this week in London as the first ever partner-led solution for the Cisco Open Networking Environment, which it launched six months ago.  We are honored that Cisco recognizes our identity federation leadership.

But the relationship is not just about one connector.  It is about integrating federated identity into cloud services. The appliance provides customer and employee single Sign-on (SSO), federated identity management, mobile identity security, API security and social identity integration.  It's especially well-suited for businesses with multiple physical locations, branch offices or stores, to enhance customer experience and simplify employee access to cloud applications.

Cisco tells us they plan to make the identity appliance a key architectural control point in their evolving cloud security platform.  Like I said, they get it.

Cisco's direction on federation aligns quite nicely with the direction Ping Identity is headed - into the cloud to tackle challenges presented by services, mobile and social trends disrupting the enterprise.

The Ping Identity Cloud Connector is a component embedded in, hosted on, or integrated with Cisco's 3900 and 2900 family of ISR G2 routers.  The router platform has connectors for many application types, including storage, virtualization, document handling, security, collaboration and provisioning.

The connector will leverage Cisco's emerging One Platform Kit (onePK), a toolkit for development, automation, and rapid service creation. It enables you to access the data inside your network via APIs.

Give your Cisco representative a call if you'd like to know more about the Ping Identity Cloud Connector.  It's good stuff. 

Read more on the Ping Identity Cloud Connector Appliance.pdf


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