Last week Gartner put together what must have been a strong IAM summit.  We have three articles, led off by John Fontana

Continue on to read the other two and other items of interest:


  • Matt Flynn: Gartner IAM Notes
    “In case you missed all the live tweeting by me and others, here are some notes from this week's Gartner IAM Summit:”
  • John Fontana: Mobile, social, cloud, data driving enterprise ID needs
    “Social, mobile, cloud and the explosion of data are a "nexus of forces" that have taken enterprise needs for identity and access management and propelled them to the forefront. That was the message Monday that opened Gartner's annual Identity and Access Management conference. Those four computing trends threaten to expose many enterprise IAM infrastructures as antiquated.”
  • Robert Mitchell: Facebook: The new arbiter of enterprise identity
    “Today Facebook knows your identity. Tomorrow Facebook may very well be your identity. Before long, enterprise identity and access management may key off of social media identities rather than remaining an island unto itself. Are you prepared? That's the message that Gartner analyst Earl Perkins passed on to attendees at the Gartner Symposium/ITxpo conference last month.”


Cloud Computing

  • Drummond Reed: Jeff Kramer on Personal Clouds
    “You know a meme’s time has come when it starts appearing independently across multiple points in the industry. Such is the case with personal clouds. Just last week, while attending a Respect Network planning meeting at Kynetx in Utah, Jeff Kramer published a blog post entitled The Personal Cloud Computer which shares his vision for personal clouds — and he’d never heard of the Respect Network or read our paper on personal clouds.”



  • China Mobile Details NFC Plan
    “The world’s largest mobile network operator is accelerating its pace for NFC. China Mobile just announced a roadmap for its NFC plans, including NFC SIM cards with an accompanying mobile wallet.”

Valuable Identity

  • Kantara Testimony to ONC HITSC – Nov 29
    “Kantara had the honor to participate in a public testimony hearing for the US Government “Trusted Identity of Patients in Cyberspace Hearing – Policy: P&STT and the HITSC Privacy & Security Workgroup.” While the actually speaking time was 5 minutes, the Kantara full testimony is posted below and all the panel testimonies are posted here. We invite you to share the link to this post with peers and colleagues.”
  • NSTIC: Charting a Course
    “Neither Hurricane Sandy, nor the challenges of post-Thanksgiving travel could stop the Identity Ecosystem Steering Group (IDESG) from conducting its second in-person Plenary session.  The meeting – originally scheduled for October 29-30, but postponed due to the hurricane – finally convened in Washington, D.C. last week. “
  • NIST: No uniform approach to identity management
    “Given the array of digital credential providers and agencies' unique business requirements there are no uniform methods for revoking credentials or their associated attributes, finds a recently-published National Institute of Standards and Technology interagency report (.pdf), NIST IR 7817.”
  • Bitcoin-Central backtracks on PSP claims
    “A European Bitcoin exchange has moved to "clarify" claims that it has secured a license to operate as a payments service provider (PSP), bringing the crypto-currency into the formal economy.”


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