We like to say that we are a partner to our customers, not a vendor. One of the ways we partner is through our Ideas forum. Each idea is reviewed, considered by our product managers, and responded to. Lest you think our responses are just boilerplate, consider that out of the nearly 100 ideas we’ve received, many of them are now in product. And to show our appreciation and in the spirit of Ping, we award an Apple iPad each quarter to the idea that we think is the best.

For example, in the Q3 just closed, Tobias Frech, iC Consult GmbH, won an iPad for his idea, Authorization-configuration for SP-connections. And this is already in product - PingFederate 6.10!  

The same is true of two previous winners: Alex Lee for OAuth 2.0 Authorization Rules and Eliza Wang for Support multiple Data Store for the Attribute Query. Both these ideas were in the product by the time we mailed out their iPads.

How can we do this so quickly? An effective agile development process, driven by our technical product managers who really understand the product and listen to our customers and our industry. Shipping a new release every 2 to 3 months, we can adapt to changing requirements. Our technical product managers include David Skyberg, Sateesh Narahari, Scott Tomilson, Jason Arrington, and David Gorton. You talk, they listen.


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