Dave Kearns, now an analyst for KuppingerCole, has a long career in IAM and strong opinions. Lamenting the lack of discussion of trust in the IdESG, Dave lays out his definition of trust:

  • Dave Kearns: Who do you trust?
    “Trust. Most people understand the concept of “trust”, but most people are also at somewhat of a loss for words when asked to define that concept, especially in terms of on-line transactions and digital identities.”

Although a light week for news, there were a few other items of interest to the identity community:



  • Mike Jones: Platform Support for JWA Crypto Algorithms
    “In preparation for discussions at the JOSE working group meeting at IETF 84 in Vancouver, BC, I did some investigation into the state of support for the JWA algorithms in common Web development platforms. This table contains the data gathered.”



Valuable Identity

  • Anil John: What are FICAM Technical Profiles and Identity Schemes?
    “A critical technology underpinning of the FICAM Trust Framework Solutions process is the need to enable the ability of the federal government to utilize industry standards. This blog post provides an overview of the FICAM protocol profiling work that enables the federal government to utilize industry standards in a secure and interoperable manner.”
  • Doc Searls: Let’s talk wallets at IIW
    “But wallets are about to become a Real Big Topic, in part because a lot of Real Big Companies like having their hands in our pockets — and in part because we really do need digital versions of the wallets we carry in the analog world.”
  • Isis in action: It’s pretty simple but no replacement wallet
    “The mobile carrier payment platform Isis launched Monday in Austin, Tx., and Salt Lake City, Utah; and it works pretty much as advertised. After a lousy initial experience with the service when my phone wasn’t supported and I couldn’t even find merchants who knew about the program or accepted Isis, I scored a review phone from Isis and Verizon so I could purchase my coffees and gas with nary a wallet.”


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