I just got back from a quarterly business review with our EMEA sales team and was blown away with how quickly the cloud business is taking off there. 

It wasn’t too long ago that I was having conversations with customers and prospects about the slow adoption of the Cloud in Europe. Many confirmed that concerns over privacy, trust and jurisdiction are major contributors to that line of thinking. 

However, after a week of meeting with our sales teams and partners, it’s clear the European market is getting much more comfortable with the fact that cloud technology and operating practices can address their needs. Or it simply could be the opportunities and cost-savings of doing business in the Cloud are now worth the risk. 

Either way, we see uptake booming in some critical industries—finance, banking, retail, manufacturing, telecommunication, public sector and more, which is another strong indication that the shackles are off and the Cloud is on. 

I’m happy to see that our strength in Europe is bubbling to the surface. This year Ping Identity has been recognized with some significant honors that make me very proud.

In March, we won the Security Innovation of the Year award from Information Age. In June, PingFederate 6.6 was named Best Security Solution at the 2012 Cloud Computing World Series Awards. In July, at the EuroCloud UK awards, PingFed 6.6 was named Best Cloud Offering; and in September EuroCloud announced its “European Champions” from among 12 European countries, including Ping Fed. 6.6 as Best Cloud Service product.

Our European team and partners are doing an amazing job, and as you can see, the recognition of their work has followed. I encourage you to take a look at what Ping has to offer for cloud computing.


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