Last month, we talked about identity bridges and hinted at some features that were coming in the 6.10 release of PingFederate.

Well, those features are here today with the release of the software and they include authorization options, interoperability with Microsoft cloud services, and management tool integration for monitoring, reporting and analyzing services.

Those features, and more, in 6.10 continue to shape our definition of identity bridges.

To refresh your memory, the bridge concept came from the growing need for organizations to better manage their adoption and transition to cloud services while leveraging their current investment in identity and access management technologies.

At its heart, a bridge connects users, applications and identity management across corporate networks and software-as-a-service. On the technical side, the identity bridge is an on-premises appliance that can be either a physical machine or run virtually.

It all defines the capabilities PingFederate has been providing to its customers for years.

Now with 6.10, we are adding in levers and controls that continue to bring the identity bridge to life in your environment.

The list of 6.10 features is long and the full text is available here

I'd like to highlight three of those features I think are key right now for the enterprise: Token Authorization, Microsoft Office 365 support and Splunk support.

A lot gets said about authentication, and not so much about authorization on the services end of the bridge. With Token Authorization in PingFederate 6.10, attributes and other run-time variables can be used for authorization and to enhance access policies. Token types that can be issued (or blocked), and used with all PingFederate flows, include SAML assertions, STS and OAuth access tokens, and session cookies.

Support for Office 365 covers all off Microsoft's productivity and collaboration tools, and allows PingFederate to interoperate with enterprise staples such as Exchange, and SharePoint.

Ping's commitment to support and integrate with Microsoft, and many other identity management and application services providers, makes managing all of your enterprise and cloud identity implementations simple, proven and secure.

Finally, it all has to be managed, monitored, analyzed and reported on. For that, we added Splunk App for PingFederate.

Splunk captures and indexes real-time data and Ping has developed a custom Splunk app to process audit log files generated by PingFederate. The App's monitoring and reporting includes views into current transactions and system reports, per connection service report on IdPs and SPs, and trend reports such as weekly or monthly usage.

We think all this further supports our goal of having PingFederate be the best solution for enabling your transition to the cloud, bar none.

Like Splunk, I'll be monitoring and reporting on feedback, so I'd like to hear what you have to say about these new features and about PingFederate 6.10 in general.

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