Everyone at CIS has an opinion. I know I’ve enjoyed hearing a lot of them.

Now it’s time to let everyone else in on the conversation.

Ping is running a contest, with prizes for the winners, and I’ve been selected as the lead editor.

Here’s what it takes to be among the first to win one of multiple categories in the 1st annual Cloud Identity Summit Nimby Awards contest.

Dive into your favorite topic, trend, session, workshop, after-hours gig and come up with a blog, a series of 140-character insights, a video, even a photo album.

Once you post your creation, Tweet it out with a #cis2012 hashtag. You’ll get a confirmation Tweet from @pingidentity.com and then it's game on with all the other attendees.

If you’re not on Twitter, click the headline of this blog and announce your post in the comments section at the bottom (include your full name) and Ping will acknowledge with a comment.

You have until July 26, a week after CIS concludes, to submit your work. Ping will announce winners on August 2.

Here are your categories:

  • Not Gonna Top This Workshop – Best workshop coverage
  • No-Doze Prezos – Best coverage of a presentation
  • Night writer – After-hours coverage
  • Identity Forecast – Best trends spotting
  • Nothing by Nimby – Wild card category

 I’m looking forward to your commentary, opinions, and insights. Grab me at the conference if you have any questions. 


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