I hope you enjoy reading my weekly digest of Internet lore, This Week in Identity. In case you're interested in how this comes together, let me share my secrets with you.

This Week in Identity is a condensed version of a longer form weekly internal newsletter, Ping Identity & the World. I edit out a few things that are for internal consumption only so I can stil have a job tomorrow, but the rest comes to you. When I was hired two years ago, I was given the internal newsletters as one of my jobs. After a while, Andre suggested that I put out a public version, and now you have it.

This curation falls out of another part of my job, monitoring social media and the Internet for mentions of Ping - both good and bad. (Yes, Virginia, even Ping, with our vaunted customer service, manages to make people crabby sometimes.).  I have a collection of Google Alerts, Twitter searches, and over 200 RSS feeds I follow. In May, for example, I reviewed 8,300+ pages from Google, 15,000+ tweets and 2,400+ blog entries. Whew! By the way I am @TooTallSid on Twitter if you feel so inclined.

If you want to drink from the firehose, you can easily set up your own Google Alerts. I happen to use Salesforce for Twitter for my Twitter searches, but HootSuite is a good tool. I'm old-school and use Google Reader for blogs. The iPad Web version works great. Reader works well with enterprise Google Apps. I just sign into our corporate CloudDesktop and then I can SSO into Reader.

I started doing curation back in the '80s when I worked on a microcomputer development team. Then it was easy. I just subscribed to EE Times, ComputerWorld and Network World. I even read all the ads, for information. I keyed a summary page into MS Word, printed it out, stapled it to the front of the issue and then circulated it around the office. My, how times have changed!

Let me give a shout-out to a great source of curation, Pat Patterson's Planet Identity. If you want a short, sweet, comprehensive listing of just the identity news, this is the source for you.


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