Tough week for Facebook post-IPO: lawsuits over the way the underwriting was handled and now reports of a high percentage of stock picked up for short sales.  What's the problem? Here, three noted commentators weigh-in on what they think:

  • Michael Wolff: The Facebook Fallacy
    "For all its valuation, the social network is just another ad-supported site. Without an earth-changing idea, it will collapse and take down the Web."
  • Doc Searls: After Facebook fails
    "This is the first time I have read anything from a major media writer (and Michael is very much that -- in fact I believe he is the best in the biz) that is in full agreement with The Advertising Bubble, my chapter on this very subject in The Intention Economy: When Customers Take Charge. "
  • Phil WIndley: Facebook Domination Isn't Inevitable--It's Not Even Likely
    "More people--especially geeks--need to understand that protocols are worth the effort they require. And let's not dodge that; decentralized systems are more work. They are harder to design, harder to build, and harder to bootstrap. But the forcing function, freedom, is powerful and eventually wins out."

There were several other items of interest to the identity communiy:


  • Phil Windley: Moving Toward a Relationship Network
    "Would you have your electronic bills delivered by Facebook or Twitter? Not likely. Your bank won't trust them and neither will you. You need a channel that is designed for banking with the right security, privacy, and legal foundations. A standards-based, decentralized, multi-channel relationship network, however, could easily be used for this purpose because the banks and companies delivering bills could define the nature of the channel. They don't have to wait for Facebook to get around to it and then hope they do it right."
  • Martin Kuppinger: Smart Data: The better Big Data - using the Open API Economy concepts to better deal with your data
    "However: better marketing is not about still failing to understand the intention of the customer based on more data (I just recently blogged about that). For marketing it is about changing the fundamental principles and accepting that there is no way of reliably predicting the current intention of a customer based on historical data."
  • Drummond Reed: My Five Key Takeaways from the Best IIW Yet
    "I've done very few blog posts this year due to the speed at which I've been running with Connect.Me and Respect Network (more about that at the end of this post). But three weeks after it ended, I'm doing a writeup on the last Internet Identity Workshop because, out of all 14 IIWs to date, this one gave the strongest signals the industry is breaking out."
  • Identity Woman: Info Sharing Agreements! Support it! Make it Real!
    "Joe Andrieu and the Information Sharing Working Group has put a lot of work and effort into creating a Standard set of Information Sharing Agreements represented by a standard label. They want to invest in user -research to make it really work. I am putting in $100 and I encourage all of you to do the same. They need to raise $12,000 in the next 8 days."
  • Ian Glazer: Beyond Industrial Era Identity Management
    "On the whole, current thinking regarding identity management is that of the Industrial Era. Enterprises are creating "company towns" for identity. In the Industrial Era, companies, such as Pullman, created towns for their workers to live in, and these towns provided all the services that the employees could use. In today's identity "company towns," the enterprise has created your identity, owns your identity, and you cannot use your identity anywhere else - it has no value or meaning outside of "the town.""
  • Ian Glazer: The Business of Identity: Thoughts from the NSTIC White House Event
    "Yesterday's National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace event was a bit of a blur. Really good conversations. Lots of new ideas swimming through my head. Here are some of the highlights:"
  • Kim Cameron: Identity Management As A Service
    "So today I'd like to take a first step in that direction and lay out a few high level ideas that I'll flesh out more concretely in upcoming posts.  I hope these will goad some of you into elaborating, pushing back, and taking our conversation in other completely different directions."
    Kim Cameron @ EIC: Conflicting Visions of Cloud Identity [Video on speech]
  • Reimagining Active Directory for the Social Enterprise (Part 1)
    "After working pretty quietly for the last several years on Windows Azure Active Directory--the Microsoft identity management service for organizations--we are excited about the opportunity to start sharing more information about what our team has been up to."
  • Johannes Ernst: LID, OpenID and the Personal Cloud
    "Unfortunately what people mostly picked up from LID and then OpenID was the single-sign-on aspect, ignoring the decentralized "everybody owns their own web presence" aspect (which, of course, is the far more interesting one.) Perhaps it was too radical at the time. In a way, I pitched the Personal Computer to mainframe people who could not conceive of the use for a "personal" computer, but took some inspiration from the single-sign-on aspect, as if mainframe people ignored the invention of a personal computer but took inspiration from the design of its keyboard."
  • Brian Campbell: Is that a token in your phone in your pocket or are you just glad to see

    "Gluecon 2012 presentation on using OAuth 2.0 with mobile applications to utilize social logins. "Is that a token in your phone in your pocket or are you just glad to see me? OAuth 2.0 and Mobile Devices"
  • RSA: Our thoughts on the RSA SecurID software token research
    "RSA has evaluated the blog posts both from a research methodology and technical accuracy perspective. Here are our observations:"
  • The 2012 IAM Playbook - Part 1 of 3
    "Over the past few months, I have come to realize, through empirical observation working with our clients, that the way in which Identity and Access Management (IAM) initiatives are carried forward demands a different approach from what we have seen to-date. I mean this from a holistic view: the drivers, the business justification and the expectations around what IAM should deliver to the business have evolved quickly, and this has blindsided many identity practitioners."
  • Kantara: Spotlight on Kevin Cox
    "Kevin Cox is a participant in the Kantara Initiative's User-Managed Access (UMA) Work Group. His interest in User-Managed Access stems from a long experience in user interface design and the construction of information systems with a user focus."
  • John Fontana: CIS Series. Mark Diodati: Three-headed beast morphing enterprise IAM
    "When he takes the stage at the Cloud Identity Summit, Mark Diodati is going to tear down enterprise IAM. And he's not going to apologize for doing it. All you have to do is look at the title of his presentation to see where he is going: "The Failure of Enterprise Identity and Access Management: Strategies for Thriving in the World of Hybrid Cloud Computing, Device Independence, and Social Networking.""
  • The Polder Consortium
    "The Polder Consortium exists to provide effective models for establishing collaborative data sharing federations based on trust and interoperable systems. Organizations serving minority language communities will be able to leverage proven models, technical standards, and good practices to establish federated environments of trust for the purpose of sharing information through interoperable systems."
    Federated Identity in 2 Minutes with Sally and Steve



  • Identity (London)
    "Monday, June 11, 2012 from 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM (GMT)
    Classic un-conference insomuch that the agenda will be created live by attendees present at the opening of the day. Doors will open at 8:00 with coffee, we will offer a light lunch and more coffee. About 17.00 we will wrap up with summaries, networking and a few beers. Whilst the focus/ topic will be identity, user centric identity, internet identity, vrm, personal data, digital locker, digital footprint, personal identifiable data and personal data eco-system, the purpose is to move forward the conversation and solutions on how people manage their own identity across websites, services, companies and organisations we participate or assocaite with and places and service that we purchase from"
  • The European e-Identity Management Conference
    "Location: Paris, France
    Date: 12 Jun 2012 - 08:00 - 13 Jun 2012 - 08:00
    In 2012, EEMA will host it's 25th Annual conference in Paris, France. The unique interactive two day event comprises of thought-provoking keynotes, panel discussions, round table sessions and focused workshops on the key challenges and strategies for effectively managing government, employee, citizen and private identities.
  • John Fontant: CIS Series: It all leads up to Vail
    "With an eye on the clock, it's time to kick off another "CIS Series." Over the coming weeks, I'll profile some of the nearly 40 speakers and what they plan to discuss, examine and critique during their presentations in Vail, Colo., July 16-19."
  • Inaugural Cloud Security Alliance EMEA Congress Announced
    "MIS Training Institute & the Cloud Security Alliance are delighted to announce they have partnered to host the inaugural Cloud Security Alliance EMEA Congress in Amsterdam, 25 - 26 September 2012."


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