Every time I think I am finally getting a firm grip on the ins and outs of OAuth along comes something else that I have to add to the puzzle.

But last week, I came across one of the best layouts of the OAuth foundation from the ground up.

I was at the Glue Conference (developer focus and exceptional content) and I had the opportunity to sit in on an OAuth session given by my colleague Brian Campbell (@weeunquietmind on Twitter)

GlueCon, as it's called, is mainly a developer's conference, and it goes cutting edge on APIs, Big Data and Cloud. And while Campbell is the kind of guy who can sharpen the blade on the cutting edge, he had a nice simple OAuth slide entitled the Basic Abstract Flow.

Thinking there are some like me who could use a reference point now and again, I thought I would share the slide, and a link to Campbell's presentation: Is that a token in your phone in your pocket or are you just glad to see me? OAuth 2 and Mobile Devices.

The presentation starts at the introduction of OAuth and lays out where it is relevant today, social, mobile, APIs. It reminds us that the next generation of users don't make a distinction between mobile and computing - it's one thing and it better work. Then it ducks into the weeds with code samples showing mobile applications utilizing social logins with the help of OAuth. Oh yeah, and @paulmadsen is mentioned.


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