July seems like a few too many rainstorms, hot afternoons and backyard cookouts away, but really it's only eight weeks until the third-annual Cloud Identity Summit (CIS).

With an eye on the clock, it's time to kick off another "CIS Series." Over the coming weeks, I'll profile some of the nearly 40 speakers and what they plan to discuss, examine and critique during their presentations in Vail, Colo., July 16-19.

Hopefully, you'll find some themes you can carry to the conference. (And don't forget to look for an interesting workshop offered on the opening two days in Vail).

The conference topics range from the state of cloud identity, enterprise use cases, NSTIC, OpenID, OAuth, mobile, APIs, case studies, analyst perspectives, and a built-in Cloud Security Alliance Summit.

These topics represent where the industry is heading as traditional security perimeters are redrawn with an identity pedigree. This group of ID experts are the ones who will lead the push forward. The full Cloud Identity Summit schedule is hereThe registration page is here.

CIS is a place where themes get tied together and where attendees begin to figure out how to solve their identity challenges. Take a look at what it has to offer. If you see someone or something you would like to know more about drop a note in the comment box, which can be accessed by clicking on the headline of this post.

If you've been wondering what all the hubbub is about with identity, this is your opportunity to discover your identity "aha" moment.


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