One of the special features of the Cloud Identity Summit is our two-day opening schedule of in-depth workshops that cover various topics both related to Ping products and industry standards at large.

This workshop lineup has been a highlight for attendees in the past with its three-hour sessions that go deep and broad. The workshops provide the set-up for the conference schedule, which runs the following two days.

This year, we are also adding a series of one-hour lectures, a free three-hour workshop focusing on our cloud SSO environment PingOne, a user group meeting for our customers and a set of Industry Summits run by the OpenID Foundation (Day 1) and the Open Identity Exchange (Day 2). Both of those session are free and open to all attendees.

We think this kind of in-depth education is key as identity extends to the cloud and mobile devices, and as Ping broadens its product lineup and feature sets.  It’s also a critical starting point for those who are just starting to sync with identity federation and Cloud IAM trends. 

Here’s a look at the workshop lineup:

  • The “SAML Hands On – Secure Single Sign-On” workshop will be hosted by Ping’s John Phan, a technical content developer with a background in software development and implementation. He will explore the specification’s history, its federation pedigree, relevant use cases, and have participants interact with working implementations.
  • Ping’s senior architect Brian Campbell will lead the “OAuth 101 & Secure API” session. He will explore how APIs are tying together cloud services, and how OAuth 2.0 defines a consistent and flexible identity and policy architecture for web applications, web services, devices, and desktop clients.
  • Craig Wu, director of product development at Ping, and colleague Peter Motykowski, a senior engineer and developer, are hosting “PingFederate Advanced” and will explore complex authentication, attribute handling, reporting and monitoring, and integration with Windows security. They also will show attendees how to create a custom adapter and provide hands-on instructions.
  • Pat Patterson from is aiming his workshop, “Hands-on with OAuth, Facebook and the Platform,” at developers and architects. Among other activities, participants will build a portal on that acquires customers via Facebook, logs them in via OAuth 2.0, and uses the Facebook Graph API to create a social application, combining business data in with users' social graphs in Facebook.
  • Pam Dingle, a senior technical architect in the CTO’s office at Ping, and her colleague David Waite, principal solutions consultant for client services, will lead a hands-on exploration of OpenID Connect.
  • The workshop, “Going Mobile with PingFederate and OAuth 2.0,” will be hosted by Scott Tomilson, a technical product manager for Ping. He will tackle everything you need to know about OAuth integration with a focus on iOS and Android platforms, including hands-on configuration.

In addition, the lecture series covers three topics: “The Cloud Identity Standards Ecosystem” (w/ Paul Madsen, Ping), “BYOD meets IDM” (w/ Andy Zmolek, Entrepoid, and Madsen), and “Introduction to Simple Cloud Identity Management” (w/ Travis Spencer, Ping).

Also, Google is hosting a free workshop entitled: “How Google will help your site get out of the password business.”

It’s a lineup full of knowledge about established technology and today’s breaking trends. You can find the scheduled days and times here. Registration is here.

Please join us.


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