OpenID Connect continues to gain strength among the identerati as the best choice for consumer identities on the Internet. Last week, Kuppinger Cole, at their European Identity Conference, gave OpenID Connect the Best Innovation/New Standard award.  And Mike Schwartz, Gluu, opines about its strength.

There were several other items of interest to the identity community:


  • Ian Glazer: Our Platform
    “In case you didn’t notice, it’s an election year here in the States. So having taken over the reins of the IdPS research agenda, I wanted to get a jump on the candidates, and announce the first three planks of our platform: Constraints are good; The future is federated; Relevance is contextual.”
  • Eve Maler: Zero Trust Identity: Go From "Identity-As-A-Service" To "IAM-As-An-API"
    “The "Zero Trust Identity" report I'd telegraphed in my previous post on API access control is now out, and it's consonant with this theme. I found that if enterprises want to be nimble and secure in getting value out of mobile, cloud, and consumerization trends, they're going to have to get over some bad "unextended enterprise" habits, such as tight coupling to authentication functions.”
  • Phil Windley: The Importance of Protocols
    “ Protocols allow me to interact in a store where the checker and I speak different languages. I only need to understand her when we need to depart from the protocol. Inside the protocol, everything is syntactic. Outside the protocol, semantics matter.”
  • Bring Your Own Identity and the Role of the Identity Provider
    “If the issue of relying – dare I say trusting? – on a user to bring, manage, and use their own device within the work environment has everyone in an uproar, just wait until those same users start to bring their own identities to the work environment.  How about Facebook for the ERP or HR applications?  In my opinion, this concept is much more groundbreaking and disruptive than BYOD.”
  • Videos and slides from London OpenID Workshop
    “For those who missed the recent workshop in London, there are now videos of the sessions available as well as slides.”
  • Doc Searls: At last
    “Amazon is now shipping my new book, The Intention Economy. Yes, the Kindle version too. They even have the first chapter available for free. You can “look inside” as well. … The book isn’t for me. It’s for customers. All customers, that is. Not just the ones buying the book. “
  • The Tweet Heard ‘Round Silicon Valley
    “Twitter is proposing that its IPA can help prevent patents from being used to impede the innovation of others, something that many engineers are worried about.”
    [ Twitter: Introducing the Innovator’s Patent Agreement ]
  • Big Data vs. Social Engineering
    “I see Big Data analytics as being similar in that regard whereby missing data sets could be filled in to arrive at similar outputs. Depending on the data set(s) it’s reasonable to assume that macro trends will be represented in multiple, independent sets of data. So let’s say that you are using predictive analytics to determine where you will be investing in the next six months. The output would be pretty valuable to a competitor or an insider looking to make a quick buck by selling this information.”
  • The State of Data Portability in Social Media, Part I – A Closer Look at Facebook
    “But beyond the Facebook website, how can a user interact directly with their information?”
  • Henry Blodget: THE FUTURE OF MOBILE
    “To kick off the conference, our BI Intelligence team—Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry, Alex Cocotas, and I—put together a deck on the current trends in mobile. We looked closely at the growth of smartphones and tablets, the platform wars, and how consumers are actually using their devices.”
  • Simon Phipps: Beware The “Super-Public”
    “As wave after wave of privacy news arrives, it’s easy to believe that public postings on social media sites are the problem. But I believe we are facing an issue caused not by public sharing but by an encounter with a new kind of “public”.”
    [A very thought-provoking use case.]
  • Facebook Says “Yo Google and Apple, HTML5 Apps Will Suck Until Your Mobile Browsers Improve”
    “The audience for great HTML5 apps could be huge. When Facebook stopped reporting the user counts of its iOS and Android apps to AppData, Android had 95 million MAU, iPhone had 105 million MAU, and iPad had 20 million MAU. Given their trajectory they could now have well over 235 million combined monthly active users, and so could its HTML5 site. As of a few months ago, Facebook was driving 120 million visits a month to HTML5 apps. This all means Facebook has a big financial incentive to push the advancement of mobile browser standards.”


  • Andreas Solberg: Best-Practice for dealing with OAuth 2.0 Token expiration at the Consumer
    “Not dealing properly with token validity can cause rare and unwanted effects for end-users. You don’t want to do that. This documents tries to sum up the best practice on this.”
  • Using Twitter's iOS5 Integration for Single Sign-On
    “Apple has included integration with Twitter in iOS5, which can be really handy to allow your users to easily tweet or log in. The only problem is that, as far as documentation of this feature is concerned, you’re largely on your own. This blog post is an attempt to correct that, at least in the case of sign-on.”
  • Axiom
    “Axiom is a web-based suite of tools for learning, testing, and troubleshooting single sign-on solutions for, available at The tools include: SAML Identity Provider & Tester; Token-Based Authentication; Self Authentication Service; OAuth Tester”


  • InfoSecurity Europe: Cloud API Security
    “26 Apr 2012, 10:30-11:30
    Information Security Exchange, Earls Court, London
    Speaker/s: Mr. Per Hagero , CTO , Technology Nexus; Mr. Andreas Krohn , API Evangelist , Dopter AB; Mr. Travis Spencer , Senior Technical Architect , Ping Identity; Mr. David Terrar, Director , Eurocloud UK; Mr. Steven Willmott, CEO, 3Scale”
  • Seth Godin Live in Tribeca
    “Wed, May 16, BMCC Tribeca Performing Arts Center
    For the first time in a long time, I'm doing an all-day public event. It's not something I do often, and I hope you'll consider coming.”
  • Seth Levine: Glue 2012 will be the best Gluecon yet
    “As you may know from reading prior posts on the subject the two days that comprise the Glue Conference (May 23rd and 24th, 2012) are some of the most information packed and interesting days of my year. To me what sets Glue apart is that it stands almost alone in the conference circuit as a show that’s neither company specific (Google I/O, Dreamforce, Chirp) or startup celebrity focused (DEMO, TC50, etc.). There are only a sparse few events that are developer focused  – which makes Glue that much more important.”
  • Cloud Identity Summit 2012: Speaker lineup all-stars
    “With cloud, social computing, mobility and big data all on the rise, the opportunity to understand identity’s role as the central unifying element has never been greater. So it is with great excitement that I’d like to invite you to join Ping Identity along with several other leading cloud identity companies at the Cloud Identity Summit this year in Vail, Colorado from July 16-19.”
  • Twilio Conference 2012
    “Tuesday, October 16, 2012 at 9:00 AM - Thursday, October 18, 2012 at 6:00 PM (PT)
    San Francisco, CA”


Cloud Computing

Valuable Identity

  • John Fontana: On 1-year anniversary, organized NSTIC looking for fast track
    “The National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace is getting its house in order a year after its inception. The issue now is if it can gain speed and rally a critical mass of public and private organizations to join the effort.”
  • European Identity Award 2012: Swisscom - 70705
    “Special Award 2012 for „Mobile Security”: Swisscom MobileID – secure and easy authentication using the mobile phone with minimal impact on hardware based on ETSI Mobile Signature Standard.”
  • Boeing develops its own smart phone
    “The Android phone is expected to have high-security features including encryption, biometrics and physical locks that make it ideal for military and government use in defense and intelligence. Boeing believes the phone could be targeted toward commercial users as well. Boeing plans to release the device late this year. It will be priced in the $15,000 to $20,000 range."


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