Yesterday, we released PingFederate 6.6, which introduces a number of new controls that should have security architects smiling. PingFederate’s adaptive federation features put the control where it belongs; enterprises gain control over cloud application access policies for any type of user. That includes combining strong auth with social identities for an improved customer experience that doesn’t compromise security, or giving employees remote access to applications while meeting compliance requirements.

I’d say more, but perhaps it is said best by one of our customers, Eric Uythoven, vice president of security solutions at Seros:

“Ping Identity understands enterprise security requirements for securing identity to the Cloud. That is why we have partnered with them. Our clients are asking us for a secure centralized architecture to verify and manage access for customers, business partners and employees. Time to market for our clients is extremely important and PingFederate’s adaptive federation helps us respond quickly with a solution that’s simple, proven and secure."

We have collected all the fundamentals you need to know in the list below. 

Maybe that should be 10 links; here are two stories from the tech press:

Cloud Pro: Ping pulls cloud into enterprise security schemes

ReadWriteWeb: It's PingFederate 6.6 vs. "Identity as a Service"


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