John Bradley, @ve7jtb,a long-time identian, brings a passion of near missionary zeal to his work.  As a contributor to the work of OpenID, OAuth, and now OpenID Connect, John is a keen thinker who worries about the details.  Last week he put out four widely read posts on his blog, ThreadSafe: There were several other items of interest to the identity community (click more for the list and links):

  • Bob Blakley: Identity and access management trends
    “Six major trends will drive the evolution of the IAM and privacy management sectors in 2012:”
  • Data Monday: Login & Passwords
    “Despite being nearly ubiquitous online, username and password login screens are wrought with usability and security issues. Here's a small sample of how bad things are.”
  • Bloomberg: Quick Look at Facebook’s Filing
    “At last, Facebook’s filing to go public has hit. We’ve posted the entire S-1 document here. Some quick takeaways:”
  • How to identify fake Facebook accounts
    “Apparently, of some 850 million active Facebook users, a lot are fake profiles created to spread spam and viruses. These are often categorized as spammers or attackers. Security firm Barracuda Networks released today the findings from its most recent study that helps distinguish attackers from real users.”
  • Google Teams With Facebook and Microsoft to Phight Phishing
    “On Monday, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Yahoo! and 11 other outfits announced they had formed a new alliance to combat phishing — a way of fooling email and web users into providing sensitive information, including credit card numbers. The alliance is known as Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance, DMARC for short, and the aim of this sprawling alliance is to lay down new email standards that help stop the nefarious practice.”
    “National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace (NSTIC) Pilot Grant Program”
  • George Fletcher: OpenID Foundation Elections in Progress
    “The election of two new Community Board members for the OpenID Foundation is now in progress. The current list of candidates includes:
    • Axel Nennker
    • George Fletcher <-- That's me :)
    • Greg Keegstra
    • David Marceau
    • Patrice Vuillard
    • Sébastien Brault
    • Yosef Vuillard”
  • Digital ID World Australia | 20 March 2012
  • “The 2nd annual Digital ID World Australia conference is the region’s premier gathering for the Digital ID industry. This conference will bring together decision makers from government, transport, federal police forces and healthcare providers to learn how to leverage technology to improve and roll out identification, authentication and access control systems.”
  • Identity Collaboration Day (Monday February 27th, prior to RSA North America)
    “Organized like the Internet Identity Workshop is with the agenda created live the day of the event we are supporting a range of communities focused on a diversity of Identity technologies and approaches together.  Ideas for session topics are gathered as attendees register and they will be shared online leading up to the event. This is an opportunity for members those working on things related to NSTIC, working groups from a range of groups - Kantara Intitative, Identity Commons, OASIS IDTrust, OIX, OpenID, W3C, IETF and others.”
  • Facebook's operations: A look at the IT risks
    “Facebook’s long-awaited initial public offering filing revealed the social network’s financial picture, but the company also had to lift the kimono on its technology infrastructure. Simply put, there are technology risks that come with scaling enough to support 483 million daily active users.”
  • Why Goodreads Gave Up on Amazon
    “This teaches a lesson about building a service on top of another company's data, especially one that might want to compete with you. But for the long term, these growing pains will be well worth it as Goodreads makes its way independently.”
  • Travis Spencer: A Manageable System for Managing Passwords
    “Tons of passwords are an unfortunate reality. I'm working hard every day to reduce the number of passwords that we have to use around the Web. Till it gets to a management number though, we need a way to cope.”


Too much announcements I could see here. Some of them are really the awesome. So I have got a platform to review the things happening throughout the week.

Glad you find it useful. I also tweet all these as I accumulate them, using the hashtag #thisweekinidentity .

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