OpenID Connect, one of the more important emerging identity protocols, is nearing completion and is poised to be battle tested in 2012.

As those milestones approach, the OpenID Foundation, which is developing the spec, will kickoff this Monday ( Jan. 9) its annual election for community board members.

Experts are predicting that OpenID Connect and protocols such as OAuth 2.0, which is the foundation for OpenID Connect, will make a big impact this year on the identity landscape. 

The two provide glue for creating a distributed identity network in the cloud. OpenID helps define how two parties can use OAuth2.0 to communicate about identity. In addition, they both figure prominently in the development of the National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace (NSTIC). (Go here for a graphical representation of the spec and to read more about its technical side ).

Now might be the time to get involved and have a say. Perhaps not as a board member, but as an active participant or interested corporate executive or identity architect. Only OpenID Foundation members can vote, but there is still time to join.

Up for grabs are two seats on the community board. Each is a two-year appointment. There are five returning corporate board members (disclosure: including Ping Identity).

Here is the election schedule:
Nominations open: Monday, Jan. 9
Nominations close: Monday, Jan. 23
Election begins: Wed., Jan. 25
Election ends: Wed., Feb. 8
Results announced by: Wed., Feb. 15
New board terms start: Thurs., March 1

Times for all dates are Noon, U.S. Pacific Time.


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