There is a lot of talk about trust these days. It was a pivotal topic at the recent Cloud Identity Summit (CIS) and the Burton Group Catalyst Conference.

Verisign's Nico Popp, SafeNet's Doron Cohen, Bitkoo's Doron Grinsten, PayPal's Andrew Nash and Accenture's Mike Neuenschwander all took an angle on the topic at CIS.
And Burton put on an interop that highlighted the importance of trusted providers and trust frameworks, while the Open Identity Exchange announced at the conference it had formed the U.S. ICAM Trust Framework Working Group with the hope of extending its existing framework to Level-of-Assurance 2 and 3 statuses.
Now the discussion will continue on Thursday (8/12) when Federal Radio News broadcasts (listen here at 11am EST) a panel discussion examining the topic "Is Trust the Next Killer App?"
The panel includes John Henry Clippinger, founder and co-director of The Law Lab at Harvard University and author of "A Crowd of One: The Future of Individual Identity."  Clippinger last month took Facebook to task for violating the trust of its users. Clippinger also helped found and support Project Higgins, which is designed to give people more control over their personal identity, profile and social networking data.
Also on the panel is Jeff Voas, a computer scientist at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). He served as the IEEE Reliability Society President (2003-2005, 2009-2010), and serves as the IEEE Computer Society's Second VP (2010). Voas is IEEE Division VI's Director-Elect (2010).
The third panel member is Hilary Ward, who is head of managed identity services for Citi Global Transaction Services where she is responsible for creating a sustainable global identity business strategy. In 2008, Citi received from the Liberty Alliance (now Kantara) an IDDY Deployment Award for providing managed identity services that helped users utilize digital credentials and signature technologies in a comprehensive and legally binding way.
The Citi Managed Identity Services infrastructure spans the web (HTTP/ HTTPS), web services (SAML, WS-Security, SOAP), PKI (Certificate Authorities, X.509, PKCS#7), strong authentication technologies (HSM, KSM) records management and entitlement management (XACML), identity platforms (RDBMS, LDAP), document formats (PDF, XML) and development platforms (.NET, Java).
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