It's basic human nature. The more difficult it is for someone to use something the less likely it is to get used. And HR applications are no exception.

Ironically, the same applications that are empowering companies and employees to more efficiently manage the employment lifecycle are also creating a password bottleneck. Based on a survey we performed at this year's SHRM conference the average employee needs to access 12 or more applications to do their job. For most, that means 12 or more passwords. Apply that to the number of employees in your organization...that's a lot of passwords to lose or forget.
Most of the HR generalists I spoke with admitted to using a spreadsheet or even sticky notes to remember their own passwords. Others confused using the same password for multiple applications as SSO. These scenarios are common for many employees and can significantly drive down utilization as well as present a high degree of risk to organizations.
But it's more then just managing passwords. What happens when you onboard and exit employees? Are their passwords automatically set so employees can access applications critical to doing business? As important, are accounts disabled to avoid unauthorized access to applications after an employee has been exited? Many SHRM attendees mentioned that their companies lacked a clean way to onboard and exit employee access to applications.
Companies are beginning to do something about it. HR departments are lowering the cost of doing business and driving compliance using Internet SSO. Take ConAgra Foods, one of North America's leading packaged food companies. They achieved a greater than 81 percent employee user adoption for the company's Web-based travel service, which translated into a 92 percent reduction in related password reset support calls and a 61 percent drop in user-name inquiry calls.
As many HR organizations and SaaS providers are figuring out, Internet SSO can increase utilization, improve productivity, decrease administrative overhead and reduce help desk costs. The time is now to turn access to human resources applications into human nature.


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