Gerry Gebel, president of the Americas division of Axiomatics, recently wrote a couple of blog posts aimed at busting up some myths about XACML, the authorization standard that is building a following.
His Authorization Performance Myth Busting and Myth Busting – XACML style are must reads for those considering adding standards based authorization controls on top of other identity standards such as SAML.
Gerry also has agreed to lead a workshop, entitled “The Essential XACML Primer” at Ping’s Cloud Identity Summit this summer. It will be a must for anyone heading down the XACML path.
I’ve known Gerry for years since I first met him when he joined the Burton Group as an analyst. When you’re looking for the smartest guy in the room, Gerry is either it or on the short list. But his best quality is that he can explain the complex in clear and simple ways (not to mention he always picked up the phone when I was working on a story and needed his help).
Check out his Analyzing Identity blog, which contains a write-up on the keynote Ping CEO Andre Durand delivered yesterday at the European Identity Conference.
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