Ping Identity Demonstrates Identity-Enabled Web Services for Google Apps

Mountain View, CA – April 7, 2009  – Ping Identity® is teaming with Google™ to strengthen security and streamline administration for companies who are deploying Web applications and gadgets with Google Apps™ developer tools.  

Ping Identity is developing future PingFederate® capabilities that will centralize Internet identity security for system-to application, application-to-application or user-to-application access through OAuth-secured Google Apps developer tools. Ping Identity developers attended Google's Campfire One event tonight to premiere these tools.

“Cloud computing is changing the requirements for addressing data security and user access,” said Ping Identity CTO Patrick Harding. “Google’s Secure Data Connector™ extends security beyond the firewall, allowing developers to build Web apps and gadgets that can more securely access on-premise data.  The next step is centralizing the management of identity-enabled Web Services to know which systems, apps and users are accessing data through these apps and gadgets.”

"PingFederate is a great asset to our Google Apps customers looking to implement Single Sign-On, and we're particularly happy about Ping supporting SSO across the Google Enterprise product suite," said Scott McMullan, Google Apps Partner Lead. "We're also excited to have them at Campfire One tonight, and to continue working together in the future."


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